I Help Online(And Offline) Businesses Get More Leads and More Sales Using A Time Tested and Proven Method That’s Built Billion Dollar Direct Response Companies

And Now I Can Use Those Methods To Help YOU!

Here’s How

Dear Top Marketing Gun,

If you’re tired of hiring lackster copywriters that produce less than great results, and are flaky or worse……high class swindlers that suck up your marketing budget like a sponge…

Then this is the most important message you’ll read today..

Here’s what I have for you.

My name is Demetrio and I’m a AWAI trained and certified direct response copywriter.

I can help your business write marketing campaigns that will bring in ..

  •  High quality leads and customers
  •  A easy to understand marketing message that will cut through the noise of the competition and have you standing out.
  • Help Market through new channels of new media(aka Social Media)

I’m a Direct Response Copywriter so let me make things easier for you.

I can help you solve these copywriting problems…

The Copy is Late…..I take deadlines seriously. I have no problem sending a draft copy so you can keep things on schedule. I WON’T MISS A DEADLINE….

Copy Doesn’t Convert…..I want to win. I’m not a one and done copywriter. I stay until we get results and I also have no problem testing and revising to improve results.

My Rates Are Sensible…I’m by no means Elance and Upwork cheap but if that’s what you need then go for it. Just need to warn you if you go that route, anything can happen. You get what you paid for.

You’re In Another Part of the Country….If you have a phone and skype, we can communicate and work together.

Not Just Copy…..Direct Response Copywriting for VSL’s, Landing Pages, Email marketing, Direct Mailing…..

I’m Easy To Work With……I’ve heard and read horror stories about clients who deal with “Rockstar,” copywriters or “Prima Donna,” copywriters and I can understand if you’re on the fence about me so let me give you assurance…

  • I’m easy to work with…..If we are working to together we won’t get anywhere if we are butting heads and at each others throats.
  • If you have a graphic designer….There’s a saying, “If copy is king then art is the queen.” The copy needs to grab the attention of the prospect so lets make it the best that it can be.
  • I met deadlines…..There’s a saying, “Money loves speed.” You can’t make any if the copy isn’t on time.

It’s simple…

My ULTIMATE GOAL is to help your online business(or direct mailing business) make money.

I want to help you win. My job as a copywriter is to write ads that will bring in the leads, convert and bring in that sweet green stuff called money.

At the end of the day it’s about making money for your business and bringing in quality customers that will pay for your products.

I can write in these markets

  • Financial(Newsletters, Infomarketing etc,)
  • General Market

Services that I provide:

  • Sales letters for direct mailing
  • Email Marketing
  • Online copywriting(Landing pages, social media ads)
  • Advertorials
  • Insert Ads(Native Ads)
  • Writing Brochures

Internet Research…

Do you feel like researching is eating too much of your time and you feel your time could be dedicated to writing A level promotions?

Nothing is more time consuming than sipping through millions of indexed pages just trying to find relevant and accurate information to confirm and prove your big idea.

Let me help you by taking the Internet research off your hands so that you can craft the best promotions for your client. I can scour the internet, libraries and get you the relevant information that you need to make your clients copy sizzle and bring in the dollars.

I can do you research for…

  • Health Market(Fitness, Alternative Health, Weight Loss, Etc.
  • Financial Market(Newsletters, articles, ads, etc.)


Like I said before I’m not a one and done copywriter and I know my name is not known in circles in the direct marketing world so here’s my promise to you….

  • 3 Free Rewrites! If the copy misses or is not right for the market I have no problem going back to the drawing board and rewriting the copy.
  • Test, Test and MORE TESTING! I’m more than happy to test and tweak headlines.
  • Quick Response! If we are working together you can bet your tail that I’ll respond to your emails, and phone calls. In a timely manner of course.

I look forward to helping your business achieve success.

Contact me at demetrio@demetrioreyes.com

Skype ID; Demetrio Reyes

If you enjoy having a dependable copywriter on your team without hiring a “mysterious,” writer from Elance and Upwork then shoot me a message at demetrio@demetrioreyes.com or Skype Id:Demetrio Reyes

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