How Gene Schwartz Explains It All

Howdy For a lot of people in the “know,” about human nature; they instinctively know how it works and what causes that pendulum to move Think on this. There is no way to measure human emotions much less try to understand them. Example. All the studies done on what we find attractive in the opposite

You Can’t Negotiate This One Thing

Howdy! I know it’s been awhile…….a long while and I’m sorry for that. Life gets you and can sidetrack your progress but it’s still my responsblility to provide you content. So I’m here. And I’m here to stay. Expect new articles and blogposts. Now lets get to it! My mom is a HUGE fan of

Is Your High IQ Lying To You?

Morning! Have ya’ll ever met someone who seems they just coast through life with little to no effort? Everything they do seems so damn easy it just makes you sick because you got to put in that extra effort just to get by. Here’s the pisser. I try to explain to people who can’t grasp

How To Survive The Coming Economic Meltdown.

Holy hell! The Virus is over a 150 days old now! And the damage that it’s done hasn’t even begun to show it’s ugly head. And the damage I’m talking about isn’t about human life. I’m talking about the economic damage, especial the decimation of small businesses. Now let’s be honest about something. When the