A Special OFFER! Let Me Help You and Your Business Bust Open A Gold Mine Profits Using Timeless Systems Of Writing Ad Copy!

“Media To Get Your Marketing Message To Your Audience Changes BUT Desires And Motivations That Move Your Audience To BUY…….Remains The Same.”

Howdy Business Owner,

If you’re tired of hiring lackster copywriters that produce less than great results, and are flaky or worse……high class swindlers that suck up your marketing budget like a sponge…

If you’re tired of your business sputtering like a 1971 Ford Pinto only to get overtaken by your competition that sells weak products.

And if you’re tired of constantly operating a revolving door of copywriters that you never see again….

Then this is the most important message you’ll read today..


I’m Demetrio T Reyes.

You’re going to love the marketing principles I bring to the table that will open a brand new well of gushing profits for your business.

Principles that have built direct marketing Titans like Agora, Phillips Publishing, International Living, and among many others.

It’s simple.

And this is HOW I do it.

What I do is a use a system of sales principles that can help you

Let’s run it down on how I can help you business get the success it needs.

  • Email marketing. (Subjects lines that reach out grab your prospects by the eyes, copy that tickles all the hot buttons and finally…..The good stuff that gets customers BUYING.)
  • Landing Pages. (Attention is a tough commodity and customers spend an average of milliseconds on a single page. Don’t toss money away on traffic ONLY to loss it with a landing page that barely blinks with a shimmer marketing message.)
  • Long Copy. (The steaks and potatoes of any direct marketing business. This includes hard research and a deep dive into your potential prospects. It doesn’t matter if it’s Offline and Online, there just ain’t no limits to making that sweet green stuff you call moolah.)
  • Content. (Tasty content that satisfies the uncontrollable hunger your customers have for information. BUT WAIT! The content I write for you won’t beat you customers over the head with boredom BUT will inform, educate, motivate and give your personality an uplifting BOOST!)
  • VSL.(Scripts written in a voice that will get the customers to stay and listen, AND buy.)

Now you’re probably thinking, “Why should I trust your Demetrio, You raw rookie you.”

Well, yep I’m a raw rookie HOWEVER….

….Sales isn’t a new thing for me.

In fact most of my career was all about sales.

I bring a unieque sales experience that 98.6% of copywriters don’t have or bother to learn.

From selling long distance service over the phone, exclusive 2 piece suits, AND heck even supplements(not MLM.)

BUT if that doesn’t convince you about my “dark,” powers of persuasion let me tell you….

AT MCI(the long distance service) I was #3 only after hanging in there failing and failing some more….until I finally got what selling was about!

At JCPenney, not only did I have to sell suits I also had to convince customers to sign up for a credit card that had a HUGE APR and that was tough!

But WAIT! There’s MORE!

And when I was doing my clinical’s when I was attending the paramedic academy, I used my powers of persuasion to talk to patients. When they got comfortable with me they were ok with telling me their medical conditions that they were too afraid to tell their own doctor! And if you’ve ever been hospitalized and embarrassed on how you got there, then you know you’d take that secret to the grave!


……The AWAI training passed on to me are the CORE concepts that’s built presitigous companies in the direct marketing world. AND those same companies only want trained AWAI writers.

After all you want the best of the best OF THE BEST. Accept no substitute.

What I lack in writing direct response copy, I happily make up in burning ambition.

And since I’m just a cub I won’t have any “bad habits,” that A-list copywriters will have.

I’m also teachable and TRAINABLE AND that means that you’ll have a rare opportunity to show a new cub the ropes.

BUT If you’re still on the fence about me then let me add some honey to that marketing pot of yours.

  • 3 Free REWRITES! You need copy and you need it written RIGHT. If it missed the mark the first time, second, heck even the third mark; you have the free rewrites!
  • Testing, Testing and TESTING. Usually when the copywriter hands you the ad they disappear, leaving you behind only to start the whole campaign process over again. When we work together we test until we get the results we want.
  • Quick Response! If we are working together you can bet your tail that I’ll respond to your emails, and phone calls. In a timely manner of course.


So let’s talk the needs of your business. How can I help?

Shoot me a message at demetrio@demetrioreyes.com


Contact me directly. Skype id Demetrio Reyes.