Managing Your Time

Copywriting is challenging.

It’s even more challenging when you’re trying to learn to write copy and you don’t have all the hours in the world to learn this magnificent craft. The truth is I and so do many. So with every minute and ever hour I have to maximise every sec and use it to my advantage.

Since my father passed away in December I’ve had to work two jobs to pay for all of his medical expenses including the nursing facility(Obamacare eh?) Working for the man twice in one day is draining to the mind, body and spirit. At the end of the day I’m just damn tired to do anything else.


I have to minimize the amount of info I consume because too much is just too much. Just like my group of friends, I have to keep that circle small.

My day starts off at the crack of dawn at exactly 5:30 am. I check in to work at 6:15am and start my day. I work until 12 grab lunch and maybe a power nap. And at 2:30 pm I start my second job. By the end of my work day I’m dead tired. Too exhausted to put any focus in any work that I might need to do.

Thankfully my schedule is not like this everyday!

During my BUSY day I utilize what little hour I have. I take a lesson from Ken McCarthy’s Copywriting course and from Eugene Schwartz. I study and work for fifty minute increments and put that time into one lesson at a time. One day it’s headlines the next is bullets. For fifty-five minutes I pour my all into that lesson.

Yeah It doesn’t speed up the learning process but damnit I’ll make it work!

So what about my down time? I guess if you could call it “down time.” I spend it writing. Writing articles, emails, hand writing sales letters and even reading a few chapters hear and there.

Every minute is precious, every second counts and I take full advantage of it.


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