“Dear White People.” Marketing Foo-Pah and How You Can Avoid it And Not Lose Millions.


Oh boy. This is going to be messy and I do mean mud slinging in your face messy.

When your marketing message isn’t clear it can and will screw things up for you business and cost you millions.

Last week Netflix let loose a controversial trailer for a new series called, “Dear White People,” based on the movie that was released in 2014. What makes the trailer for the series controversial is the framing of the trailer and marketing message. The trailer ends with several black students walking in on a fraternity party with the white students wearing black face, dreads and dressing as any other stereo type.

The trailer pissed people off.

The lowdown on the internet is people are mad how racist and militant towards white people the trailer is.

Heck even Mike Dillard was on Facebook pissed at Netflix. He wrote a post about how dare the company promote such a thing.

The series and the trailer is a prime example about what happens when your message is unclear.

Well here is the truth about the series Netflix is promoting.

The trailer is based on the movie that came out in 2014 of the same name, “Dear White People.”

Quick summary of the movie.

The movie is more about the in fighting of the black community and how everyone has to deal with the stereotypes that follow them around. There is no evil character or bad guy that everyone has to fight.

Example. One of the main characters in the movie, Troy Fairbanks dreams of becoming a comedic writer BUT his dad who happens to be the Dean of the school, wants his son to become a lawyer and not fall into the stereo type of becoming just a black comedian.

The jist of the movie is more about identity and progressive social issues than anything else. And if this series by Netflix is based on the movie, I’m all for it.


Well lets look the trailer.

1.It’s only 30 seconds long and honestly framed as the movie being “militant.” Which honestly I think pissed off people

2. The trailer doesn’t include all the other characters that are supposed to be in the series.

3. The whole framing of the trailer. Is it a racist movie? Is it a show about racism? Just what the heck man?

and finally….


No clear message if this series is based on the movie from 2014 or a whole new series written from the ground up.

Honestly that’s the whole jist of it. The trailer has no clear message, comes off really racist and the marketing behind the series just screwed the pooch.


See the mistake that was made!

We all make mistakes in our marketing especially when we are trying to stand out. Me, when I started my list, my landing page talked about being stuck under the boot of the “MAN,” and if they opt in I can show them how to get rid of him FOREVER!

That was my message. And it pissed people off especially guys.

All the guys thought I was anti male and hated men(I’m male by the way) Women where confused as to what they signed up for.

Was I teaching them how to make money online?

Was I going to sell them sex toys?

Or where they signing up for a bi-gender neutral cis binary feminist newsletter?

My message wasn’t clear at all!

Always make sure your marketing message is crisp and clear so that no potential prospects get confused, and pissed.

Make it a point to make sure people understand who you are, what you have for them and how it will help them.

Keep it simple. Keep it clean.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,

Demetrio R.

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