Noticing the small things in your life and everything else.


I just got back from the gym. I feel great.

Endorphins are running high,

My heart has a healthy pump and ticking loudly and proudly.

And you could just see the testorone seeping through the pores of my body. Heck you can even say, if you shook my hand you’d be permentatly banned from competing in the olympics! That’s how much I’m oozing!

I used to LOVE working out. I loved the how the iron tested you, paced you and kept you humble. The Russians had a saying when it came to the weights and training. They treated it like a spiritual experience sort to speak. They respected the barbell. It was your friend and your enemy. The barbell will make you strong if you are patient with it or it will crush you if you don’t respect it.

Yeah. Talk to a Russian weightlifting coach. In fact walk over a barbell and be prepared to get a tongue lashing that would make The Mountain-Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson wep buckets of tears.

But I digress.

What I got back into working back February it was to change EVERYTHING even my lifestyle.


I had a wake up call.

A friend of mine called me and asked me to help him pick up some groceries from the local store. Of course I owed him a favor and say, “Sure bro.” Plus I didn’t mind at all. He was friend and we always have a great time when we hang out.

We picked up a few briskets, steaks, veggies and the sort. While we strolled through the store we both passed a blood pressure machine. A real fancy one to. One that records data and sends it straight to your droid.

He jumped on to measure his blood pressure and check his own progress(There’s a reason which I’ll touch one day.) His wasn’t bad at all. 130 over 89. My friend was happy.

Then I jumped on the machine.

What followed next caused my dark brown face to turn pale white.

“What the heck is wrong with you man you need a ambulance Demetrio!” My friend Steve belted out.

There was nothing immediately wrong with me. But something was wrong within me and if I didn’t change it I was going to suffer in the long run. My blood pressure was 200 over 90!

Crap, shit, and all sorts of words that sailors use just whirled in my head. I’m only 36 and my blood pressure is off the charts! What else is wrong with me! But something else finally came to fruition. Something that I desperately needed to accept and it’s something that I’ve been resisting for a long time(and I didn’t even realize it)….

….I’m not young anymore!

And honestly thinking back…..I didn’t know what hurt more but I digress.

All I knew was I needed to fix this problem NOW and FAST!

Here’s why this is a huge problem and a damaging one that will kill you and leave you debt for a long long time.

Since I have a background in medicine let me break it down for you why having super high blood pressure is like having a permanent curse on your soul.

Think of the veins in your body as a hose. Now imagine the water flowing through that hose with no problem whatsoever. NOW imagine the pressure growing inside the hose, and imagine the hose trying to handle that pressure.  And the only way for the hose to handle that pressure is….expand.

….Now imagine the hose being at it’s limits with all the pressure building up inside…….what happens to the hose?

….The hose bursts!

Now thing about your veins inside your body right now. With the blood pressure building up inside against your veins….and your veins finally bursting.

Guess what happens? Bad things……REAL bad things. Bad things like a stroke.

So when I had that “wake up,” call, I went on a mission to change my health. I don’t want to have a stroke, embolism, or heck even a aneurysm(even though that’s different story but that’s for another time)

I want to live to my 90’s and beyond. I want to experience everything life has to offer. I WANT TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL COPYWRITER! A mission not only to improve my health.

So what steps did I take to improve my health you ask?

Well let’s start with the basics.

  1. I changed my diet
  2. Started adding cardio to my workouts.

Simple really. But then I took it a step further. I added intermittent fasting,

It was hard at first you know with all the hunger pangs and fighting with the desire to eat but eventually I overcame all that.

Now? My blood pressure is down to 160 and slowly going down. I’ve chipped away 4 inches from my waist and I feel good!

The small things can kill you. Notice them and take care of them before it becomes a bigger problem.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,


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