4th of July Musings and Observations.


Well another 4th of July has come and celebrated with fiery passion. Loud mini bombs have been popped, copious amounts of booze have been consumed and grilled meats from our fresh daily kills have been eaten. And man do I love that!

But with a heavy heart I gotta say, the 4th has lost all its meaning to today’s society. For the average folk the 4th is just another day off from work, for others it’s an excuse to get pissed drunk.

I’m afraid the 4th of July has lost all it’s meaning.

In our infancy when our country was just a wee bit lad living under the thumb of our colonial rulers from across the pond, and then one day we just got tired of dealing with all that nonsense.

So in a gutsy move of defiance we rebelled and become traitors to the crown. We hauled, brawled and fought a war with, at the time, the greatest empire, and we won. Of course we had luck and timing on our side.

Then we crafted the greatest document that will be remembered and talked about long after we’re gone. The US Constitution.

Here is why the US Constitution is so damn important especially now more than ever.

If you go back in history, one of the most dangerous thing that’s been pounded on civilizations is Censorship
Piles of books have been burned destroying vast amounts of lost knowledge that we may never know about,
writers have been threatened and executed and all for just wanting to write art and the truth.

Just like Hypatia. The philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and teacher who just wanted to dedicate her life to writing, studying, teaching and the pursuit of knowledge. Hypatia was killed by a mob of Christians during a city conflict between Orestes the Prefect of Alexandria and Cyril the Bishop of Alexandria. Her death marked the end of Classic Antiquity.


I still wallow when I think about the Library of Alexandria and all those books lost to history.

Then there is the problem of what it really means to be independent.

The Godfather himself Ken McCarthy has a much better example from his book “The System Club Letters,” He says:

“Reason #1: Independence is no longer a treasured virtue in our country. Reason #2: Many of the things that the Founding Fathers found so objectionable – like taxation without representation for example – have become institutionalized in the US. Big business, big media, big government – the country seems to be run for their benefit today, not ours.”

Damn so true.

Being independent has lost all it’s meaning.

Especially know when it comes to the Internet.

So what’s the solution? How do we take a stand against Tyranny?

We become financially independent. We start our own businesses and leave our corporate masters behind.

We don’t give in to censorship.

Till then, Stay Hungry,

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