The “Avatars,” Must Be Crazy!

I look out my window and I don’t see a avatar. I see my customers. -Eben Pagan


Emotions trump logic. Bet the bank on that.

Yet businesses forget about emotions heck even speakers forget about emotions!

Here is why it’s important to touch and pile on the emotions of your prospects.

It’s the only way to get them to move them to take action! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Havard level professor or a isolated African tribe.

Besides reading, writing and playing video games, I love kicking back and watching movies and that also includes classics that no one might not know about.

One of those classics is called, “The Gods Must Be Crazy.” Man I love this movie like the dickens and in case you haven’t heard of it or watched it here’s the quick summary.

A isolated tribe of African bushman live peacefully in the wilds of Africa. They have no contact with the outside world, no need for technology as the land provides everything for them. As the days go by, little by little the outside world starts to encroach on the lives of the Bushman and their peaceful life of living off the grid.

One day a glass coke bottle falls from the sky and a wandering Bushman stumbles over it. Wondering what the heck it is and not having any clue, he believes the coke bottle was sent by the gods. He takes the bottle back to his tribe so they all can put theirs heads together and solve this mysterious object sent by the Gods.

The tribe plays with the bottle and by accident, discover that it can be used as a useful everyday tool. A real labor saving device that they use to cure snake skin, grind wheat, break hard shelled fruit and even play some sweet tunes.

The coke bottle makes the tribes life easy!

But something happens that breaks the tribes order of happiness. For the first time of the tribes lives they couldn’t share the coke bottle because there was only one of it and of course everyone wants it.

Then their emotions kick in. Greed, anger jealousy overtake all of their natural order and everyone in the tribe starts fighting for the coke bottle.

Crazy stuff I know!

It’s wild to look at this isolated tribe that’s existed without the need for technology then throw in a simple tool that makes their lives easier and…..BAM! Their yin yang gets all jacked up.

…..And it’s not much different from the modern world.

Whenever I look at ads, I’m always floored….but not in a good way.

…..Here’s what I mean..

There is so much hype nowadays in marketing, ads, etc I’m just left wondering, is that what their customer wants?

I don’t think so. You got remember, your customers are human beings with desires and wants.

Emotions trump logic.

The world is always changing but you can always bet the farm on human emotions. Every human on the planet has the same wants and desires
and as a marketer/copywriter it’s up to you to find out what those are.

Remember the Bushman from the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy,” everything was all and well in their world until something fell from the sky that made their lives easier. And all of a sudden their emotions took over and damn near almost destroyed their way of life.

Till then, Stay Hungry

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