What Wonder Woman Can Teach Modern Marketers.

“Cheesy is one of the words banned in my world.” -Patty Jenkins …..to be continued


Ooff this one is going to be a doozy.

I finally had the chance to see Wonder Woman. And I have to be honest. Gal Gadot killed it! And yeah director Patty Jenkins crafted a wonderful movie that didn’t really follow the typical Marvel formula

Producers and movie studios though Wonder Woman was a cheestastic movie from the day of it’s TV inception. And studios, directors and writers feared that they couldn’t make the movie at all.

Well, I got give to Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot. They did what critics and fans(including yours truly) said they couldn’t do. And that is pull off a damn good Wonder Woman movie.

So what made the movie great and pull in millions of dollars?

And what can you as a marketer learn from Wonder Woman they will help you in your business?

Lets get to it but first I got to explain the other Marvel movies and I got to explain “bathos,” first before anything will make sense.

Bathos basically means that during the story something will be said and done that will “kill” the mood of the scene along with the mood of the audience.

So lets take this simple story for example.

Desmond and Veronica live a village outside of Tuscany. They both have known each other since they were kids. Desmond moved away to pursue adventure, fortune and to make his way into the world while Veronica decided to stay and help the family business.

While Desmond is away the village gets attacked and raided by bandits from the mountains. Veronica get kidnapped by the bandit leader and tells everyone in the village that they have one week to pay a ransom for Veronica or she dies. Desmond hears about this and leaves his journey to go and rescue Veronica.

He runs into trouble during his adventure. He outsmarts a giant, helps a blind bat, rescues a flying bear from a Venus fly trap. He finally makes it to the bandits camp and is almost killed rescuing Veronica.

After a narrow escape from them bandits camp they both stop to rest and catch up with each other. Veronica and Desmond look at each other, both starry eyed and attracted to one another. It’s been almost ten years since they last saw each other. They aren’t kids anymore but both young and attractive and full of life. Desmond gazes at Veronica. He’s flushed and overcome how beautiful she is. Veronica blushes, she can’t believe that this freckled young trouble maker is now a handsome young man. They glance at each other, gaze into each others eyes.

Desmond’s heart is racing at a millions beats a minute. Veronica’s blushes, her right hand rests on her chest. Desmond finally summons the courage to kiss Veronica. He leans in, flickers her hair, and then…….

….And then a dog appears from no where and sniffs Desmond’s crouch..


Yeah that’s what bathos is. A mood killer.

Lets take another example. This time from Dr. Strange.

In the hospital scene where Dr. Strange gets kills the henchman that was trying to destroy the inner sanctum. Strange is tired, exhausted and his emotions are in a blender of chaos.

He can’t believe what just happened. What he just did is a stark contrast with Strange taking the oath as a doctor to preserve life. But he just finish killing someone. Cumberpatch, without any dialogue, telegraphs his emotions beautifully.

Strange is upright, confident and is ready to accept the powers that he is going to inherit. This scene is telegraphed when the cloak of levitation rests on his shoulders. It’s means Strange is going to be something important, he is destined for greatness.

He finds a mirror and he see’s that he’s disheveled, wounded. He’s notices that he has a scratch on his face. He then tires to heal it until his cloak decides to taken upon itself to help Strange. This destroys the serious mood of the scene and is played for laughs.

Not a bad thing to be honest but it takes away from what Strange just experienced. He almost died and he killed someone. A huge contrast to his oath as a doctor and a sorcerer.

So what does this have to do with your marketing?

….Well, Patty Jenkins said it best……here is the rest of the quote..

“It’s been 20 years, that the entertainment world has shield away from sincerity, real sincerity, because they feel that they have to wink at the audience since that’s what the kids like.”

Read that quote. Internalize that sucker because what she said has EVERYTHING to do with your business and how you talk to your customers.

There are SO many superhero movies that follow the same formula leaving a massive hole where we as an audience are starving for movies that connect with us. Movies that tickle our emotions.

Look at all the hype marketing “guru’s” advertise. A lot of it is overblown.

Have you read their content and realized to yourself…..”he doesn’t sound like a authentic sincere person.”

When was the last time you read a post about a Guru being sincere and connecting with his/her audience?

Not very many would be my guess.

So how do you connect with said audience? How do you speak to their fears, dreams, etc.

By being SINCERE!

Being sincere and connecting with you prospects is key to getting them to whip out their wallets and buying from you.

No one likes perfection. In fact people are intimated by perfection and won’t believe it.

Sincerity ain’t a bad word.

If you got flaws don’t be afraid to share them. It makes you human like the rest of us.

Take a page out of Wonder Woman. Be sincere. Be authentic.

Till then, Stay Hungry,
Demetrio R.

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