One Skill That You Need To Succeed In Business and in Life.

Grow up, be an adult and SELL! -John Carlton


What? You don’t like “Sales,” and don’t want to be salesy to your list? You don’t want to sell in this business oh but you want to make money?

Or you believe Sales is beneath you and don’t care at all to learn it?

Well grow the hell up pal because everything in life is a sale.


Want proof. Well then lets get to it.

Job Interviews

Need that job? Well guess what. You are the product and you have to sell yourself to that company. Your resume isn’t enough to convince that fortune 500 company to hire you, in fact bet the bank that there’s 10 other candidates waiting in line ready to knock you off the fence and take your position. You have to convince that Fortune 500 that you’re the better product. You have to convince them that you bring more value to the table than the other candidates.

Think on this. The sale starts when you get a pre-interview with the company you applied with.


Even if you’re married you still had to convince your partner to make a life long commitment to you, even with all of your flaws and glory. Once again you are the product. You see someone you’re attracted to, someone who gets those lions boiling, you have to convince them that your the better date.

Are you making her laugh? Showing her a good time? Getting her excited to hang out with you?
Yep you’re selling yourself to make her choose you over the other guys knocking at her door.

Blogging is selling. Don’t think so? Convince someone why they should read your blog. Why should they read when there are millions of other blogs.

Life is about sales. Just like the person who can tell a better story wins, the same goes for who is the better salesman.

So How Can You Become A Master Salesmen(Salesperson)

According to Zig Ziglar sales is all about transfer of feelings.

And that about sums what sales is about.

Take interviewing for example. The company that’s hiring has to fill a position with the best candidate for the job. Not only does that candidate have to have the right qualifications, they also need to have the best qualities.

Qualities like trust, reliability and whatever else the company needs.

You have to make the person giving the interview, feel those feelings.

What can you do to make the Company’s business easier?

How Can You Elicit Those Emotions Within Yourself and Sell?

First off what I’m talking about is how does your product make you feel? Are you passionate about what you are selling? Do you believe that it can do what its supposed to do?

To transfer those feelings and make the other person feel good is that YOU have to feel good about what your selling.

If you’re dead inside, just how the heck do you expect the other person to feel good about you if you can’t feel good about yourself?

How Can You Learn Sales?

The easy answer is read the top sales books and put that info into practice. Like all skills in life, the more you practice the better you get at it.

Remember. Transfer of feelings and everything in life is a sale.

Get to it, learn sales and rake in that money.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,
Demetrio R.

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