Get Your Throbbing Feelings Deep Inside Your Prospects

Sales is a transfer of feelings -Zig Ziglar

And that my friends is how to make sales. See ya next time…

..Just kidding


The Wolf of Wallstreet is a great movie and something everyone needs to take away from. No, I’m not talking about the crooked aspect of the movie but something else. Something everyone seems to miss and it’s important in everyday sales and in life.

There are many reasons people don’t “get,” sales, much less understand what sales is all about. Like writing, many people would rather get a root canal then to sit down and write.

Sadly it’s the same with sales. Many people would rather do something else than learn how to increase their income.

What if I told you in ain’t about tactics, slide of hand manipulation, flat out lying to customers and it sure ain’t the “either they buy or die,” attitude.

Nope, sales is about something else entirely that many don’t get and not about sales techniques.

Sales is about feelings. Emotions that rile you up to buy. Sales is about that feel good stuff in your belly that moves you to make a buying decision even if its something the wife told you NOT to buy.

Emotions are vital and important to the customer and to YOU the salesperson.

Uncle Zig said it best, “People don’t buy for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons.”

Around 90% of people who try their hand at sales don’t understand this. They hear but don’t listen(I’ll talk about this later).

So how do you “transfer feelings,” in your prospects?

I’ve written about this before in my last post but I’ll elaborate on it again. Transferring feelings starts with you.

Your product/service that you’re selling, how do you feel about it? Do you believe in what you’re selling? Do you believe that your product/service can help your potential prospect?

Yes? Then you’re off to a great start!

If you believe in what you’re selling then it will show! You’ll speak with confidence and it will shine through when you talk. Confidence feels good. It’s like a drug when you’re around someone who is confident. You just have to have it and get that feel good high.

If you don’t feel confident about what you’re selling then hit the drawing board again. Create a product that will help people and make their life easier or if your part of a affiliate program and hate it. Drop out.

The second thing to look at is…Yourself

Igor Kheifets the solo ads king had written a email about on of his VIP Clients. She had just joined a affiliate program that was dominated by men. She had considered a male pen name because she was scared that no one would follow her and buy.

I can tell you now even if she changed her name and took on a male persona she would have failed.

Her insecurity would have shown through her marketing and her emails. Of course Igor encouraged her NOT to change who she was and to embrace who she was.

Which brings me to asking….

….How do you feel about yourself? Are you happy? Confident?

No? Then work on it!

Misery loves company but EVERYONE HATES MISERY.

A good way to is to tell yourself positive reaffirmations. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that your a great person and a great salesperson over and over.

Workout and get those endorphins seeping out your pores. Having a great positive body image is another great confidence builder.

Get that confidence up and feel good about yourself and watch everyone want to be around you.

Have that confidence down, be a debby downer and everyone will avoid you like the plague.

Emotions is want gets people to buy. Logic justifies that reason.

Now that we talked about you, we’ll talk about your customers…..

Till Then, Stay Hungry,

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