Hot To Get Those Emotions Dripping From You Customer

Are you tired of me talking about how much emotions play a part in sales?


Ok good so lets get to it.

It’s been said before, Sales is a transfer of emotions. To make a sale we have to tap into those emotions, understand your customer and their needs, especially their dominant emotion.

Still don’t understand emotions? Your brain is fighting with you telling you that sales is not logical?

Here let me break it down and hope you can understand how emotions work.

Understand how and why emotions play a part in sales is to understand why the Ferrari exists.

There is NO REASON for the Ferrari or any other luxury car to exist on the road…yet every year there is a new car on the lot. And every year Ferrari has a waiting list for the hot new fast exotic.

There are BETTER and more COST efficient cars that don’t need much maintenance, won’t brake the bank and are fuel efficient. So why do people buy, and why do people dream of one day owning this exotic piece of aluminium?

….Because people buy the “emotions,” behind the car!

For one when you buy a Ferrari you buy the status behind it. You worked hard in your business. Sacrificed blood, sweat and tears. You’ve broken out in night sweats because you have no idea what the next morning is going to be like.

And now you’ve made it! Your business is pulling 6 to 7 figures a month, you’ve paid up all of your debt and now you can afford to “splurge,” a little. You want to show off your how much you worked. You want people to know whats possible in life.


You’ve been racing your entire life. Speed and gasoline run through your veins, and a Toyota Corolla just can’t handle the new Circuit of The America’s track.

You want that adrenaline like pumping. You want to edge yourself between the line of speed and chaos without any apologies. You want your body slamming into the seat when you step on the gas and go from 0-60 in 2.3 seconds.

And of course that feeling of superiority. It’s an expensive car for a reason and few can ever own one.

If you pay attention to everything that I just wrote you’ll see that I rarely talked about the car. I only talked about the person wanting to buy the car and his emotions.

The emotions that he will be feeling when he sits in the passenger seat of the car.

Sometimes your potential customer won’t realize what his feelings are until you dig deep into him and bring them out.  And you do this by asking questions! But more on that at a later date.

Be honest. You’ve thought about driving of these bad boys one time or another and honestly I can’t blame you at all. Exotics are special, unique AND….exclusive!

Tapping into those emotions and feelings you need to know your market and your audience.

Their dreams, dominant emotions, and the stuff that keeps them awake at night(which I doubt isn’t owning a Ferrari) and when you channel in and hit the right spot…..BOOM! They are your customers, and if you play your cards right, they become your customers for life.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,

Demetrio R.




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