The Only Way To Sharpen Your Craft.

You read it all the time on forums.

It’s one of the most common questions that’s always asked ESPECIALLY during a Q&A with a top copywriter or writer.

That question: How do you get good at writing copy?

The answer….

..In a second. Need to give credit to Bob Bly and Hunter Shea….You can check out Bob Bly’s blog here —>

Hunter Shea is a horror writer(My favorite genre!)

During his time as a young writing cub he paid to attend a seminar held by Elmore Leonard about his journey to becoming a published author.

Shae arrived late. He couldn’t find a seat in the front, and in the middle of the hall so he took one in the back. When he sat down he didn’t pay attention to a old man sitting next to him.

“Hey kid,”said the old man.

“Yeah?” Shae turned to look at him.

“You paid a lot of money to come here?”

“Yeah, you can say that. I spent nine hundreds dollars that I didn’t have to be here.” said Shae as he twittered uncomfortably in his chair.

“‘You see all these people?’  said the old man as he pointed to everyone’s heads.

“They will never become writers. Come back in ten years and you’ll see the same faces.”

“Go home and do two things. Read a lot and write a lot and that’s it.”

Shae thanked the old man not thinking much of it he realized who he was until later that afternoon.

That man was none other than Elmore Leonard

If you’re still wondering whats the best way to get better at copywriting or writing in general.

Elmore said it best.

Read alot and write alot.

Till then, Stay Hungry,


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