8 Habits That Kill Your Productivity


Right now as I type some of you are guilty of doing these bad habits and don’t even realize it.

Fear not! Because I’ve researched a solution to help you break these bad habits that kill productivity and cause you not to get a damn thing done,

That solution is Self Control.

Back when I was a wee college student I loved that fact that I was, “smart.” Sadly I wasn’t smart enough to realize that having those “iq,” points wasn’t enough to become successful.

My father used to tell me this because I was such a smart-ass, “I wouldn’t worry to much about the person who’s smarter than you. Worry about the person who works harder than you…”

Boy was he right.

This is why….

Psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study of students fresh out of high school coming into the university.

They followed the progress of the students and measured their IQ levels and their levels of self control. What they found surprised the heck out of them.

As much as intelligence plays a role in your success something else comes in far ahead of the curve…

…And you guessed it….Self Control.

Lack of self control pushes you on a path to develop bad habits. Bad habits that get in the way of productivity and getting your stuff done.

Below I have tips to get that self control in check and overcome those bad habits.

Lets roll:

Stop Using your phone, tablet.

Imagine yourself waking up from a damn good nights sleep. You open your eyes even though your still a bit groggy, hop out of bed, stretch and then walk towards the window like a zombie to open the curtains to let in some ray of sunshine. Then suddenly, you’re awake and alert!

The reason for that sudden surge of being alert is because it’s literally the ray of sunshine. The sun shoots something called short wave blue light which tells your body to stop producing the hormone melatonin which so happens to be the sleep hormone.

So why do you have to stop using your phone, and tablet before you go to bed?

Because, those devices emit blue light which keeps your body from producing melanin. The longer you stay on your tablet, and phone the more you are going to be awake and not have a good nights sleep.

And as you know not having a good nights sleep affects productivity the next day. You’re sleepy, cranky, moody and irritated at everyone and everything.

Spontaneously surfing the internet.

It takes 15 minutes to get into that flow of productivity. When you hit that “flow,” all bets are off and your off to the races! Everything gets done, emails get sent, and deadlines are met.

You know what can break that flow? Randomly checking sport scores, clicking on notifications, and even playing non commercial free music in the background.

Like a muscle working to get stronger, self control is that muscle you have to train to become better disciplined.

Checking your phone.

Heh. Guilty as charged! While I was writing this blog piece my phone rang and I answered(heh). I have this rule that when I’m working during certain hours, leave all devices off. I didn’t do that(hey we’re all human here)

But not only is the phone distracrating it also is a huge turn off. Ever had a converstation with someone and they randomly decide to check their phone?

It’s annoying and it shows that you aren’t commited to the conversation. Turn off that phone.

Multiple Notifications.

Remember that wonderful movie by Pixar called Up? Great movie and great take on how we as humans have the attention span of a goldfish! That scene when the dog jumps out to met the main characters but is always getting distracted by a squirrel? That’s us with the notifications!

You’re are flowing like a leaf on the wind getting work done until….*ding!* You get a notification!

Turn off those notifications and your flow won’t break.

Saying Yes, when you should have said no.

What if I told you that good people can say no. Saying no to additional requests, or anything extra can and will destroy your plate! The ability to NOT say no is more dangerous than you think. If you take on more than you can handle you are guaranteed to have more stress in your life, and suffer depression. “No,” is a powerful word and you shouldn’t be afraid to use it.

Keeping Toxic People Around and Letting Their Voice Affect You.

Social Media is a great tool but it’s also toxic and poison. If possible take the advice from Mr. Rogers and pay attention to the only things that can help you and your business. I added that last part in.

Another thing that can help is practicing being grateful for the good people in your life. Appreciate them and think of them more whenever you come across someone that gets under your skin.

The Wait and See game.

Writers, and “wannabe” entrepreneurs play this game all the time. Brainstorm, prepare, research etc and then never take any action. It’s a scary world and “failure,” is the boogeymen  hiding under you bed waiting to poop on your castle in the sky. But don’t be afraid of him! If its any consolation, people now a days have short term memories and won’t remember your “terrible,” blog posts or if your business flops.

If it’s fear that you feel use that as fuel to light a fire for your ambitions.

You’re Not As Good as Gary V or Tai Lopez

Gary V and Tai Lopez are marketers who have a huge following.

People try to compare themselves to others everyday, saying things like, “I wish i could be like so and so.” Having this type of emotions sucks the happiness from you life to the point you are no longer the master of your domain. No matter how big or small, celebrate your accomplishments.

If you have to take on criticism make sure it’s constructive criticism.

Get some good mojo flowing in your soul. Happy thoughts, and action always beat out negativity.

Till then, Stay Hungry

Demetrio R.


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