The 3 lb Double Edge Sword Between Your Ears.


Back in my wee bit days of middle school football, I had the advantage of being a mountain that blocked out the sun among all other little guys. man I was massive. I also had the advantage of having a strength coach that taught me how to lift weights and gain strength.

I was fast too! Not running back or full back fast but faster than the average lineman. Fast enough to be a defensive end or line backer. So naturally my lineman were nervous to go up against me during practice. It sort of created a aura of supremacy around me. “Dont go against Demetrio. He’ll crush you,” During a game, I was the go to guy to break through the offensive line. I was the ringer. In my mind no one could stop me.


Game six of the season and we were up against the undefeated champs 6 year running, Pearce Middle School. I felt invisible. I felt like I could run over the team like a 20 ton freight train. My team felt the same way. No one can stop us……

…We spoke too soon.

Openening kick off Pearce recieved the ball. They ran in for a 60 yard touchdown. Big deal I though to myself. “We can score!”

We received and ran the ball to the 30 yard line, where we didn’t gain a single yard.  In fact what happened next sealed our fate. During the play to punt the ball, our center missed the punter and sent the ball flying. We couldn’t hold Pearce back and they broke through, ran towards the ball with lighting speed. They got to the ball before any of us could, picked it up and ran it for a touchdown. Within 10 minutes the undefeated champs manage to score 14 points.

Within those 10 minutes Pearce did something no other team before them could do, they broke us. Mentally broke us. The game quickly became quicksand. No matter how hard we played, we just kept on sinking faster and faster with no way to escape our plight.

At the end of the game the score was 42-7. But Pearce didn’t beat us. We beat ourselves.

We were a better team. A better program, better equipment and better coaching. Pearce still used equipment from the late eighties and early nineties.

On the battlefield your mind is your greatest weapon -Roy Campbell from the Metal Gear Series

As entrepreneurs our greatest assets is our minds.

Unfortunately it’s also a double edge sword.

A sword when swung wrong is deadlier than the enemy before you. Your mind when used poorly is just as deadly.

Imagine yourself getting ready for a launch or writing a campaign. No matter how successful you’ve been you will always have that lingering anxiety hiding in the back of your mind.

Along with that anxiety there’s a side of self doubt.

So whats the solution? How can you use your mind to your own advantage? How can you help yourself not be deafeated by yourself?


You have to have belief.

You have to believe in yourself above all things. Back in middle school I believed in myself. I believed that I was unstoppable and no one can beat me…until I was tested. And when I was tested I failed and lost that edge of belief.

So how can you develop belief in yourself and your abilities?

This method ain’t sexy and it’s definety not the quick easy solution. So what is the solution?

Become a student of your craft and never ever stop learning.  When I thought I was immortal(a trait that seems to come with being young) I would never thought of growth. I never looked to the future and only focused on the present. Because of that linear way of thinking I got spanked up and down the field.

Always be a student of your craft. And as you become better and better you’ll devolope a strong belief in yourself and your own abilities, no matter if they are website devolpement, ad copy, sales etc.

You got this.

TIll Then, Stay Hungry,



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