Non-Pot Smoking Liberal Hippie Becomes A Libertarian….A Simple Trick You Can Use To Persuade Someone.


Ok politics aside I have to show you this clip with Penn Jillette.

You can’t argue with someone and convince them to change their minds. All the facts in the world mean bo diddly to someone who is set in their ways and convinced their own argument is better than yours.

The same goes for selling.

Try convincing someone to buy from you OR hire you for whatever service your selling.

It’s not easy and if you’re talking more about yourself than the prospect chances are you’re throwing money down the drain.

One of the “secrets,” to making a sale or persuading someone to your side IS NOT TO ARGUE OR TRY TO CONVINCE THEM WITH FACTS.

Instead just ask a question.

Pen Jillette is part of the magical duo called Pen and Teller. In this clip he explains how he went from being a ultra left wing liberal to a libertarian just by being asked a few simple questions.

Did you see it?

It’s not just the story that changes Penn’s mind(more on that at a later date.)

It’s the questions that’s Penn’s friends asks.

You see when you ask the right questions you get people thinking.

For example, lets say you’re selling a car to a prospect who needs one but hasn’t decided on which car he wants. He’s shopped around and narrowed his choices down to two cars.

You want the sale. You know he’s having trouble making up his mind and you have the car that he wants.

What questions should you ask?

  1. What experience have you had with this brand of car?
  2. What are you looking for as far as cars is concerned?
  3. What’s important to you?

And of course my personal favorite…..

5 How can I help you today.

And this is a great start to a sale!

Here’s a list of the type of questions to ask you potential prospects..

Purchase History type of Questions…

Knowing is half the battle….The more you know about the customers purchase history the more you can tailor the questions… NOW listen carefully to your customers answers! Because you’ll know how they feel about salespeople, and what they value most in their products.

Questions on Specifics and Purchase History…..

These types of questions will get that juice flowing in your pitch.  These questions also help get you those hot button desires, needs and history on any purchases the customer has done in the past.

Rapport Building Questions….

No one buys from people they don’t know and these type of questions get the customer talking about himself(pay attention!) Listen because customers will tell everything about themselves in 15 mins!

Clarifying Questions..

Usually when customers are vague and give answers that are light on the details(it happens) Just say, “Tell me more,” or “Tell me more about that.”

Objection and Seeking-esq Questions…

 Sometimes you have to draw out objections until you can address them.  You usually just ask, “Any questions so far,” or “What are your thoughts or concerns about our product.”

Get to it. There’s money out there that belongs to you.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,


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