You’re Missing This Key Element To Make Sales.

…So you have your’re copy written and know the market to the letter…

….You have a product for a starving crowd that’s just waiting to pull out their wallets.

..You’ve pitched a perfect game to your prospect. You hit every pain point and every selling point that you’ve gathered.

….Do you think you’re customer is ready to buy?

No, not yet because you forgot one important element when it comes to sales.

It’s a natural human element that pushes all relationships forward.  And without it you won’t close a single sale, get people onto your list or be forever ALONE(heh)

Can you guess what that element is?


Without it, no matter how good your sales letter is, no matter how on point your pitch is, and no matter how well your dating game is, you’ll lose money faster than a blind gambler playing Blackjack.

Why is trust important?

Several years ago my desktop computer finally crocked after long months of World Of Warcraft online.  I wasn’t much for buying Dell or any other name brand computer that was “big,” at the time.

I, like many other gamers built our PC’s from the ground up.  I decided to shop at Fry’s electronics since a lot of my gaming buddies raved about how awesome Fry’s was. So who was I to question my friends?

On Black Friday I head to Fry’s for their holiday specials. Navigating the crowds I find the computer section and start picking out the parts I need to build my gaming rig.  When from the corner of my eye I see a “custom,” built rig by Fry’s with all the bells and whistles and then some. What made this offer even more tempting was that the system was a grand cheaper with higher end parts. How was I going to resist? Everything I needed was right there in front of me, so naturally I bought the rig.

I get home excited ready to play. I plug in everything, install and upgrade the software….

….and thats when I discover something that causes my excitement to melt like the polar ice caps.

The gaming rig Fry’s sold me was not the same that was on display! Classic bait and switch.  Of course it was just a mistake on Fry’s part and they did refund my money but by that time I was pissed.  The company lost my trust and it wouldn’t be till years later that I would shop there again.

Trust is important. Once you break it, you can never get it back

How can you avoid breaking someones trust?

One obvious answer is…

….Don’t LIE

Lying can get you into trouble legally and financially.

Another thing to consider…

…… Would you buy from someone who’s decked out in a slick 5k Aramni suit that’s spit shined from head to toe who’s also wearing gold rings in each finger?

Someone like that just screams bad news doesn’t it?

I like El Benbo’s approach, “Show off those warts and all.” meaning embrace those imperfections.

Perfection is the edge that cuts the thin line of trust. No one in their right mind expects perfection so don’t try to make your products as perfect as possible.

Avoid being a shadow over the internet.

When it comes to buying online, Social media can help.

Make yourself available to your audience by using social media. Let them know that you are a regular Joe just like them. These days it’s damn near impossible NOT to have social media to do business.

And on that note….I’ll leave it there.

Till then, Stay hungry,


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