How To Win Easily Like Trump.

Right now there are 28 million small business in the US and around 584,000 business that are popping up every month.

That’s a lot of money being made(or lost) on a daily basis for these small companies.  A lot more is made if you’re one of the few that has that smart edge over everyone else.

It’s no longer enough to just offer “one,” thing and not worry about competition or anyone zeroing in on your territory.

But what if I told you there was a way to position yourself away from everyone else.

It’s controversial but effective.

You have to develop a “Trump Stack.”

Allow me to explain.

Trump beat Hillary.

Trump, a rookie candidate that had ZERO experience in politics just decided one night that he was going to run for president. Hillary, a seasoned senator who’s husband was governor and president, had more support going for her than any other politician. Pundits predicted that 2017 would be the year the US would elect the first female president………They were wrong…..SO WRONG.

Even now political scientist are trying to piece together on HOW and WHY Trump beat Hillary in the presidential election and they can’t figure it out.

According to the pundits.

*Hillary had the media and the support of the general population.

*Trump was a TV personality and was considered a joke of a person. “Who would vote for a reality star,” was the overall feeling.

*The DNC only had two candidates running in the primaries and the GOP had Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kaish. Seasoned pros that Trump had to beat before he would have the mantel of Repeblican Nominee.

*The Polls were always putting Trump behind everyone, even after he won the nomination.

*After the election politic pundits ACTUALLY went to see psychics on why they got it wrong.(SERIOUSLY!)

The election ends, the dust settles, the election booths close, CNN pops the bubbly to get ready to announce the first female president, Hillary wins the popular vote by 2.9 mil…..

…..Then reality hits like a meteorite ready to wipe out civilization.

Trump wins.

Trump wins BIG

He wins areas that would have turned the election against him, he wins by doing less than Hillary, he wins as the underdog and no one can explain it.

Smart marketers knew why and how Trump won.

Cracked salespeople knew how Trump won.

Penned copywriters knew.

And NLP-Hypnotist experts knew plus more.

It came down to a sharpened set of skills that Trump developed and kept edged through his years of being a billionaire tycoon.  It’s something unique that you can develop that will help you gain the advantage over competition, get better positioning that sends you marketing message easier, and as of late, something I’ve noticed that top marketers already have been sharpening.

In short Trump had a unique “talent stack.” 

In Scott Adams latest and greatest book, “How To Win Bigly,” Adams talks about having a talent stack that work well together that gets you results in your business and in your life.

Early in Trumps life in the real estate world he realized early on that he needed to have the skills that would keep him in business, ahead of his competition and get the best deals.

Negotiating, sales, public speaking, getting publicity and of course getting attention and keeping it.

Trumps talent stack gave him that edge and advantage over the Hillary in so many ways that she became desperate during the election(and it showed!)

One of those talents that Trump used over Hillary was his uncanny ability to get attention and keep it. Trump was always on the news. He was always in the public eye even if it was bad or good publicity.

He rode into 5 billion dollars worth of TV time without ever spending a dime!

Clinton’s campaign was the total opposite as far as costs go. She damn nearly bankrupt the DNC just to pay for her campaign!

What does having a talent stack do for you?

In the last decade many marketers have a stack on their plate that gives them a great position in their marketplace.

Dan Kennedy for example.

This legendary marketer is a one of the top direct response writers in the world, a great speaker, a fantastic writer and can create a company overnight.

With a talent stack like that he never ever has to worry about another marketer zeroing in on his territory.

Another thing is what the awesome copywriter and email marketer Ben Settle mentioned in is last podcast episode. He mentioned that he was been working on his public speaking and communication since he is starting to do more events. Another stack to his already stacked tool belt.

And then what I’ve been seeing alot of recently.

People joining affiliate programs.

If you’re affiliate with one of the power house programs chances are you’re positioned at a beginning level. This is where you can shine because in order to be successful in those programs is to hone a skill(or several)that will help you be successful and make money.

Some affiliates I know sharpen their stack with mastering PPC, others by mastering ad copy and making fantastic content videos. As a affiliate the key to become a top earner is to hone a talent stack.

Now I’m not talking about become a jack of all trades and a master of nothing.

Dan Kennedy is known as a great copywriter and so is Ben Settle.

Hone a talent stack and stand out from you competition.

Till Then, Stay hungry

Demetrio R

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