5 Ways The Entrepreneur Can Stay Healthy During This Wicked Flu Season

I’ve had a 135 lb bar dropped on my head and then bounce to my face leaving a bloody mess on the bench and on my gray highschool memento shirt. I walked away and not even gave a lick about it.

I’ve fallen off the roof of my parents house and hit the hard dry earth. I got up dusted my jeans and walked away and went back to fixing that leaky roof. Didn’t even care and I didn’t even feel any pain the next day.

But then recently something happened. Something that took me out of commission for two weeks.

And while I was out for two weeks I didn’t get anything done.No emails, no blog posts and no working out.  Nothing. Zip, NADA…

After the 5th day I tried to get some work done but even through all my efforts I found it tough to focus and lacked any energy.

So what happened?

I caught the flu. The h1n1 the dominant flu strain.

We grabbed life by the jugular, wrestled it down and forced it to do OUR bidding and live our lives they way we wanted. And because of our fierce independent life, we as As entrepreneurs we pride ourselves on our health and the how we are made from stronger stock than the average person.

Heck some of us work through “pain,” so whats a little virus gonna do to us?

The flu virus is the staple of all virus’s. It’s the most common ailment that effects the majority of Americans yearly and costs billions of dollars in productive hours.

So just imagine when the flu it hits you out of nowhere. How much money and time are you going to lose in your business?

I’ve composed list that can help you reduce your chances of getting the flu.

  1. Wash your hands!

Day to day we are touching surfaces by other people who have been touching the same surface who are infected by untold amount of germs, bacteria and viruses.

Then we just so happen to bump into these random people on the daily. Who knows what were transferring or getting transferred on !

Wash those hands with soup and water.

2. Sanitize your space.

We spend hours a day in our crapped offices or work spaces and probably never though of how much germs, and bacteria have gathered. Grab a can of Lysol and give your office a once over. Not only will your office smell fresh but it will also free it from collected nasty stuff.

3. Get Vaccinated!

Flue shots are available in any pharmacy now! You no longer have to wait ungodly hours in the doctors office just to get a shot. Most insurance companies cover the cost of the flu vaccine(its cheaper for the shot than it is to pay for the drugs) Be sure to check with your insurance.

4. Stay healthy.

It’s no secret that working out and having healthy habits keeps you ticking but also keeps your immune system boosted. If have bad habits it’s time to change somethings. Start out by eating more healthy and working out 1 hour a day three times a week. Give yourself 21 days and you’ll notice a MASSIVE change in your life.

5. Get Medicated.

Even if you follow these steps to the letter, that little micro virus that been around longer than us will find a way to get to you. Get medicated and follow the instructions to the letter! Better to be out 5 days the 5 weeks.

Remember it’s flu season.

And if you don’t take care and take precautions to care for yourself, you’ll be out of commission and won’t be able to get anything done.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,


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