A Simple Ad Template You Can Use NOW Even If You’re Dead Broke Or Have A Brick and Mortar Business


We’ve all been there at some point or another.

When you’re starting up cash just isn’t around as much as it should be. You pinch pennies and cut corners, and pay a unreliable copywriter to write you’re ads because he was cheaper.

Don’t get me wrong. Expensive copywriters that charge ungoldly sums of money can be just as unreliable as one that charges a simple thousand.

Don’t worry, fear not.

If you can’t afford me or any other copywriter to write you ad then I have a simple templete that you can use right now.¬† And here is the best part. You can get it up and running, tested all in one afternoon. Assuming you know where you’re advertising.

Some quick caveats.

  • KNOW YOUR MARKET so good that you feel that you’ve known them their whole lives.
  • Have a responsive list.
  • Be well positioned in your market space.(A different topic all together that needs more depth. Talk about it another time.)
  • All your up sells are in order.

If you run a brick and morter business or sell a service then…

  • Get a list started. Collect phone numbers and make offers so customers will return.
  • If possible offer a free consultation for your services.
  • You have good employee’s that have come basic levels of salesmanship.

Lets get to it!

  1. Get Attention!

For all purposes lets keep this simple.

You’re natural instinct would be to nick a popular headline that works and use it for your own ad copy. That’s a BIG FAT NO.

Don’t because headlines were written for a reason in that ad copy. Swiping would KILL your ad and cause your customers to say, “meh,” and move on.

Focus on one main benefit.

Does your product help a someone manage diabetes with carrots?

Can you fix someones plumbing in one hour?

Can you fix a car in one hour?

Can your product save a business that hasn’t made any money in the last six months?

Remember when I said to ,”Know Your Market.”

Find out what the main pain point or main desire in your market space and include it in the headline.

2. Show A Need

We all have needs.

Many of us want to lose weight faster without having to break a sweat in the gym. We want a better deal to get our car’s fixed without getting shafted.

The plumbing in your home is super old and is starting to crack. You want a good plumber who will do a great job

Another thing is your prospect may NOT even know he needs your product or service.(Remember about knowing your market?)

An example would be that houses built in the 1960’s used metal plumbing for piping. Overtime the metal has rusted and deteriorated and unleashed chemicals into the drinking water. And right now your family could be the one of the unlucky few drinking this water daily.

What I just used is just an example.

Another example would be if you’re product cuts time in productivity BUT doubles it in half the time you normally work.

Show your customer that she needs your product or service.

3.Satisfy the Need and Position Your Product as a Solution to the problem.

Now that you customer sees that he has a problem and needs a solution and that’s when you show your product or service.

Attention Homeowners with House Built In The 1960’s!

The Metal Plumbing In Your Old Home Could Be Poising You and Your Kids RIGHT NOW!

Houses built in the 1960’s used metal plumbing because contractors at the time thought that metal would last longer and be more efficient in the plumbing. Times have changed. NOW those old houses are having problems with the plumbing but some much worst is happening right now.

That metal plumbing has rusted over time to the point that it’s poising¬†you and your family! And you may not even now it yet.

Call me today. And I’ll personally go over to your home and give you a FREE consult and help you find a solution to fix your plumbing.

This ad copy needs some more work but you should get the jist.

4. Your Product Does What? Your Service Can Do What for me? Prove it!

It still isn’t enough to convince your customer to buy from you.

You want your customers to buy from you instead of your competition AND you want your customer to believe everything you say.

To convince them(remember what I said about knowing your market?)

Tell your customers about the benefits of your service or product. Give them a reason to buy when you talk about the benefits.

If you know who your competition is show your benefits vs the competitions. You can also do this when you position your product against another product.(Will talk in great depth about positioning.)

Talk about you and your company BUT do this if you have a great unique selling position.

If you have helped other people and they’ve been happy with the product and services…Get a testimonial from them!

5. Ask for the Sale/Action


Be specific as to what you want your customer to do. If you take appointments by phone tell them to call you at phone #xxx-xxxx to schedule an appointment.

If you want them to order from a website leave the link and make it simple and easy for them to order.

Tell you customer to call you right now because you get booked fast.

Something to consider as well and something I learned from the great Bob Bly.

If it’s possible give your customer an incentive to responding to the ad like a coupon.

Your ad doesn’t need to be a 8 page long ad-copy.

It’s possible to write just one page ad copy, heck it’s possible to write everything on a postcard.

Test, test and test again.

Shoot me a message at demetrio@demetrioreyes.com if you need a Direct Response Writer or need a Consultation.

Till then, Stay Hungry,


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