Cut Those Soul Sucking Energy Vampires From Your Life.

At this day in age having a quiet Saturday is becoming more rare and rare these days. Especially if you living in a city that’s growing faster than a 12 year old kid on growth hormone.

A contracter told me that there are over 800 people moving into the city in a day. That’s 800 people sucking the life out of Austin everyday. Like Energy Sucking Vampire’s. Yeah I kinda of have issue’s with people from out of state moving into Austin.

And that brings me to something I read a while back from Dan Kennedy’s book on time management. He referred to those that waste your time as time sucking vampires.

But I got a different take on it. Time sucking vampires do something much worse than suck the time out of your life..

..They suck the energy too.

Case in point. My brother and his old mentor.

When my brother came back from California he hooked up with a guy that could teach him a skill that would help he start a new business here in Austin.

In a way this person was my brothers mentor and in a lot of ways he was.

He taught my brother the business of windshields repairs and everything that came with it to finding the cheapest glass to the most high end piece of glass.

He even taught my brother how to start contracts with the insurance companies and other side companies that use Windshields.

Everything else like websites, sales and setting up customer service’s my brother took care of.

Then came the moment when the student goes on his journey to master his craft.

He sucked at first. He made mistakes and had a massive learning curve when it came time management.

But he was an entrepreneur and knew setbacks were going to happen. He pushed through and came out on top. Soon my brother was off to the races and competing with the best of the best,

He  landed insurance contracts with the top insurance companies in the city and the county. He also landed a top gig with a movie studio repairing the stunt vehicles during movie shoots.

Yep. He was the go to go and his name was always spoken across all the warehouse distributers in the city.

If a business needed something done and that business was at the warehouse, guess what…… brother always got honorable mention.

Then one day his old mentor came knocking.

Things had been bad for him.

His old mentor needed help and he needed it bad.

Now put yourself in my brothers shoes for a second. You had a mentor that took you in, taught you a valuable monetary skill and showed you the business.

And now during his most desperate need and when he’s at his lowest he comes to you.

…What would you have done?

My brother helped him get back on his feet. He gave him work and bought him some new tools to get those jobs done. Several weeks pass and my brother starts to notice some things. The receipts aren’t adding up and cash is coming up short.

Since it’s just my brother and his mentor it wasn’t hard to pinpoint who’s at fault. With work not getting done, contracts on the verge of being canceled and money missing you can bet there was a lot of sleepless nights.

He decidess that he needs to fix the problem and fix it now before it gets worse.

My brother calls his mentor and tells him he needs to talk to him ASAP. They arrange a meeting for that afternoon at a nearby cafe. My brother shows up and waits.

His mentor never showed up. My brother called him but every time the call goes straight to voicemail.

And that was that. The end of the business relationship…until

His mentor shows up again and this time it’s a few years later…..after the birth of my second niece. My brother helps him out again by lending him money to buy a new truck. My brother also gives him his old tools so he can start over again.

Give a person a finger and they want to take the whole arm……

The demands don’t stop there…

I won’t go into much further details but my brother finally decided to put his foot down. He had a business to run, bills to pay and two girls to support.

He didn’t have time for a energy sucking vampire.

He cut him off for good.

Time sucking vampires don’t just waster your time, they also suck your precious little energy.

When you’re running a business, have a life and a family. That little energy you have is everything to you.

There’s an a age old saying that in order to be successful you have to be selfish.

Cut those energy vampires from you life.

Till then, Stay hungry,



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