A Simple And Easy Sales Principle You Can Learn Over The Weekend That Will Boost Your Sales

Techniques are good but principles are better.

Let me explain.

Several years ago Neil Strauss wrote a controversial book called The Game.

In this book he goes undercover to “learn,” the techniques and tactics of picking up women.

He succeeds.

He goes from being a nerd to a master at seducing women using the techniques and tactics he learned from pick-up artists.

Neil has fun and enjoys the fruits of all the techniques he learns but something happens to himself and others and doesn’t notice until later on.

One night while he was out enjoying himself he saw a beautiful woman. He approached her and did he usual spiel. While he was laying down his super suave pickup technique she stopped him, pointed at a group of guys and said, “Those guys already said that to me.”

He was surprised and shocked.

Strauss began to look at himself and to the other men he had taught and discovered a disturbing pattern.

They were all robots spouting the same lines over and over. Many of the men he taught weren’t in any meaniful relationships despite having some success.

They were void of any personalities, depth and those men(including Strauss) had forgotten who they were.

Techniques are good but Principles are better.

One principle that seasoned marketers, street wise salesmen and sharp witted copywriters know as a universal truth. Its a principle that won’t change….EVER.

And that’s the principle……”What’s In It For Me.”

A harsh truth that you need to know is that your potential customer doesn’t care about you at all. He doesn’t care about you and your business. All he cares about is himself.

What’s in it for your customer?

What will your product do for him that will make him break out his credit card and give you money?

It’s also one of the reasons why it’s best not to swipe from other copywriters or marketers. If you know you market then you never will have a bad case of writers block or things to say.

Always keep that though in mind when you’re talking or writing to a potential prospect.

Till then, Stay Hungry,





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