3 Key Principles to Get People To Whip Out Their Cash and Buy.

If you’ve ever worked in sales you’ll notice this type of person.

I’m talking about the weird salesperson who sits in the corner and somehow manages to close more deals than any other person on the floor or in the office.

For me that person was Edith who had her own little corner in the lions pit when I was working as a telemarketer at MCI.

She was awesome. She had a swagger about her that would make you think, “This woman isn’t any good at sales. She just looks like the crazy cat lady!”

But she was far from that. She was a top closer and could sell the Austin 360 bridge to the mayor.

I was good but she was a hell of a lot better. A thousand times better.

I remember going up to her and asking her what made her so good.

She couldn’t give me a straight answer. All she could tell me was, “I’ll I do is ask and listen.”

I was seething because I thought she was hogging all her sales secrets.

One day I had the chance to listen in on a call that she had been working on for weeks. A couple who just happened to move to Austin from Greece had been looking for a plan.

I was all ears while she talked with the couple. They tossed all kinds of objections at her and she swatted them like flies. It was beautiful.

They finally bought a plan that they were happy with and Edith walked away with a fat commission check.

It wasn’t until I became a copywriter that I finally understood the sales process and was able to finally put everything she did into writing.

And these principles aren’t hard to understand. Learn it, work it.

So here we go. 3 Basic principles of Sales.

1. No one likes to be sold to.

Now I know this doesn’t make any sense because people buy crap tons of stuff every day. Things that they have no logical reason to have. Brand new dresses, watches, and heck even cars!

Go out to a mall or a huge shopping center and observe people.

No one is being sold but they are buying things in the loads.

So how do you utilize this principle?

Don’t think about selling. Instead think about offering something that your prospects desire.

A luxuries watch for example.

What is it about the watch that people love about it? Do they want to feel superior? Wealthy? Is the watch a status symbol to them? When you find out you sell them the desire and not the watch.

In other words, “sell the sizzle not the stake.”

and that brings me too….

2. People buy for emotional reasons not logical.

Good ol Mark Twain said it best, “People buy for two reasons. The  good reason and the real reason.”

Think of that high end pricey watch you are selling.

It’s just like any other watch sold at Walmart except it’s a Rolex.

If people used logic to buy things then you wouldn’t be able to sell the Rolex, Lambos and Ferraris would go out of business, and people would be skinny.

To be a successful in sales you have to appeal to those desires of your prospect. Appeal to his vanity, greed etc.

Another way to succeed in sales is to pour salt into that wound. What I mean is to agitate the problem that the prospects are having and then selling them the solution.

3. Justify the buy with logical reasoning.

“But Demetrio you said sell the sizzle not the steak!”


But now that person needs to justify the reason WHY he dropped 10k on a Rolex when he could have bought a 10$ watch at Walmart.

Think about when that person goes home and his wife or friends sees that watch.  What would be their first reaction to someone they know buying that watch?

“I can’t believe my husband wasted 10k of our money to buy a useless watch!”

“Bro I can’t believe you dropped 10k on that watch! You could have bought one from Walmart.”

How do you thing hearing those comments are going to make your prospects feel?

You have to give them a logical reason for buying that 10k watch.

Rolex’s don’t need a batteries so you’ll save money buying batteries.

You’ll have unlimited warranty on this Rolex no matter how many years you’ve owned it. Your grandkids will be able to get it fixed without charge!

So in a way when you see them logical after emotion your prospect will be able to justify the reason why he bought the watch and be able to tell his wife and friends how great of a deal he got.

Remember these 3 principles.

Use them to your advantage in your sales and in your ad copy.

Till then Stay Hungry,


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