3 Simple Ways To Get Your Next Big Idea For You Next Promotion

Do you know what the Top direct marketing companies and top gun copywriters do BEFORE they even put pen to paper to write a promotion?

I’ll give ya a hint.

Some call this an angle.

Others say it’s a theme.

But many know it as a BIG IDEA.

Before a promotion is written the copywriter NEEDS a big idea to that will make the promotion stand out.

Without that big idea you promotion is up Grand Rapids Michagan without a paddle or a little floaty.

What Does it Mean To Have A Big Idea?

Ad writers are always looking for ideas that will help make the promotion leap out and grab the potential customer by lapels and pull them in.

The big idea is a bit tricky to explain.

It’s basically a “hook,” “theme,” or “idea” that will make the promotion stand apart from other promotions. It realtes to the prospect in some way that;s happened in their life, a problem that they could be having or just a message that just so happened to show up on the right moment and the right time.

Think of John Carlton’s infamous promotion about the 1 legged golfer ad,

“Amazing Secret Discovered By One-Legged Golfer That Will Add 50 Yards to Your Drive.”

The headline itself hooks the reader and the potential prospect because..

….it’s a one legged golfer that can swing 50 yards more than the average person,,,

…..and seeing a one legged golfer swing is just to weird.

To this day this ad is the most ripped off ad hence where Uncle John gets his moniker, “The Most Ripped Off Copywriter.”

Another one of my favorite ads that has a fantastic idea behind it is “The End of America.” ad from Stansberry Research.

Damn that’s a great ad.

It pulled millions of dollars and scared the crap out of Americans(for good reason. Everything the ad talks about is true.)

The ad was a 51 page booklet that highlighted a monetary event that was going to take place in the near future.

The ad held nothing back and poured more gasoline to the fire that was fear. It was beautiful.

“The End of America. In the next 12 months, a single event will likely change our way of life in this country forever….Will you be ready.”

Can you guess what the idea behind this promotion was?

The idea that powered this awesome promotion was a event.

Simple huh?

How Can You Come Up With Ideas For Your Promotions?

Coming up with ideas that will power your promotions and get them to stand out isn’t easy.

But there are some ways that will get you going in the right direction.

  1. Cash in on your own experience.

The first place to look for ideas is in your own head.

You have memories of your childhood that relates with the product that your selling? Write it down!

Maxwell Sackheim the writer behind, “Do You Make These Mistakes In English.” looked to his own experiences as a Russian immigrant trying to learn English.

He remembered how embarrassing it was to be around other people whenever he made a mistake in his language.

He put those thoughts to paper and…BOOM.

A million dollar promotion.

2. Know the Product

Study the product.

Know everything about the product from the materials it uses to the people who created the product.

Go outside the company if you have to heck go to the guy who poured the concrete.(The person who know one talks about)

Ask questions!

Who should buy the product?

Why should they buy the product?

Why was the product created?

Why should your potential prospect chose your product over your competitors.

Asking questions will get those gears rolling to find that big idea behind your promotion.

3. Study Other Promotions.

Read other promotions that are pulling in the numbers.

Not only will you see what’s pulling you can also grab ideas that you can include in your own promotions.

But you’ll also get a an idea on what the market is thinking at the moment.

How Will I know  If I’ve Found The Big Idea for My Promotion?

You’ll know when you find that idea that will add jet fuel to your promotion.

Take a afternoon stroll to clear your mind about the promotion.  Sometimes when you’ll least expect it…..

…boom! A lightbulb in your head will go off and you’ll know, “Yeah I found my big idea!”

Till Then, Stay Hungry,

Demetrio R.


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