One Simple Rule that Entrepreneurs(And Civilians) Stubbornly Ignore.

This is my favorite subject to talk about even though no matter how much that it’s been said(even by the most powerful credible people) many business owners and civilians…..still don’t get it.

In fact civilians and business owners are stubborn about this simple idea.

And that idea is…

….To use Simple words.

Simple words to communicate.

Simple words in your ad copy.

Demetrio here and let me give you an example about using simple words.

One day my dad got a letter from a financial firm opening in the city.

They invited my dad for a presentation explaining their financial products and how they can help him retire or have his money work for him. They also included a free fancy lunch to just seduce and bring my old man.

My dad was intrigued invited me to go with him to the presentation and of course me being a hungry teenager couldn’t say no to a free lunch.

We got there and there was at least 20 to 30 people packing the medium size hotel meeting room…and of course that free fancy lunch.

The guy hosting the event wasted no time by getting everyone to their tables and stuffing gullets of the guests and getting to his presentation.

He went on to explain the complexities of the current bear market and how tech and medical stocks were extremely volatile. And new tax laws that were being past were going to affect the everyone’s 401k, IRA and Roth IRA and the only solution was the new mutual funds being created at the firm.

At least that’s what I remember about it.

Everyone in the room look like a dear caught in headlights.

Everyone was wide eyed with confusion and boredom to the point that some started to beat feet out of there in the middle of the presentation.

My dad stayed to the end and then walked out.

He later told me, “I had no fricken clue what the hell they were talking about! I felt as if they were sneaky salesman trying to make up stuff on the spot!”

I’m sure no one entrusted their hard earn coin with that firm after that presentation.

Which brings me to this.

If your adcopy is full of words that forces your prospect to reach for a dictionary…..then you’ve already lost the sale.

Remember in previous post’s I talked about talking to Homer Simpson?

Yep I’m bringing that up again,

Here’s the HOW.

The average person doesn’t have a college level intellect. They don’t sit by the fireplace talking about the intricacies of economic policy.


The average person is to damn busy trying to find a away to get food on the table, their kids fed and clothed, and keep a roof on their heads.

So when it comes to getting your message across to them you have to get to the point using simple easy to understand words.

Cereal is a huge example.

Check out these slogans.

Wheaties – “The Breakfast of Champions”

Kix – “Kid Tested, Mother Approved.”

Life Cereal – “He Likes It! Hey Mikey!”

Lucky Charms – “They’re Magically Delicious!”

Cocoa Puffs – “I’m Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!”

Trix – “Silly Rabbit, Trix Are for Kids!”

Frosted Flakes – “They’re Gr-r-reat!”

Cinnamon Toast Crunch – “The Taste You Can See!”

Raisin Bran – “Two Scoops of Raisins”

Simple easy to understand slogans with quick rifled approach to getting the messages across.

Whenever you try to get throw a word salad at people, they’ll throw up their resistance walls and think you’re trying to be slick.

So when you write adcopy or email’s consider what your prospects look over.

Keep is simple. Explain everything with crystal clear clarity that even someone with no education can understand.

Remember what matters is not what your but what people hear.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,

Demetrio R



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