Forgotten 5,000 Year Old Life Changing Secret That No One Knows About.

Why do people want to start a business?

It’s a tough racket to break into.

I mean think about.

Long sleepless nights because you got to worry about turning a profit the next day.

You have to deal with employees who are only there for a paycheck. And lets be honest, employee’s only care about themselves(rightly so) and only care about getting paid. The minute they smell trouble, they’ll beat feet and get out of dodge and leave you to pick up the pieces.

What about prestige and freedom?

Sure if your business takes off and you rake in cash and have paying customers that will buy your products.

Your business will be a winning slot machine spitting out rivers of cash every month.

So when those super affiliate business popped up and were paying off thousands of dollars per commission to I couldn’t blame anyone who wanted the financial freedom that running a successful business bought.

Everything done for you.

Funnels already in place.

Perfectly written sales pages.

Back end funnels.

Man you name it. The works. Everything that a online business needs to run, these affiliates already had it!

All they needed was for you to pay to position yourself in the company. And after that, just watch those sweet commissions roll in.

But there was a downside.

To be successful in these programs you had to have some experience as a internet marketer, or have a active list of a thousand people.

Yeah alot of these companies were a lot like MLM in way weird way HOWEVER the checks never bounced and the payoff’s were huge.

That is until…

…The FTC came in on these affiliate businesses and threw salt on everyone’s day.

Soon people who were making thousands of dollars a month were getting their accounts frozen and in some cases….seized.

These companies Social Media accounts were being frozen and archived so they could comply with FTC regs.

Man it was a massacre.

But honestly, like I said before I can’t blame any of them.

Running a business is tough work.

Yeah you’ll see and read about business owners who put in a few hours a day in the office. Then it’s off to the beach to enjoy their freedom while the rest of the regular joes slave away at a job they hate.

So when you find yourself deep in a financial hole, wanting to run a business, or just want that sweet taste of freedom, what can a average person do?

Go to the library and read a business books.

Before my dad passed away I remember reading a story about Dan Kennedy and how he told a gas station employee about going to the library.

Dan wanted the employee to find information that will change his life for the better. He wanted the man to take some form of action.

When I read that story from Dan I went to my library and started reading business books.

I devoured everything that I could.

And when I was done, I read some more business books until I discovered copywriting and the direct marketing business.

Seek and you shall find.

At least going to the library will point you in the right direction.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,





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