16 Million Dollar Lesson From An Old Salty Writer…

I’m a huge gamer.

I love games with a strong compelling story that’s overflowing with emotions. Many of these games have great stories that warrant study because of how beautifully they are written.

Like the story of the Witcher. But that’s for another time.

The Witcher. Tells the story of Geralt of Rivia. A magically enhanced human turned mutant that goes around keeping the human world and monster world safe(mainly from each other and other.)

A popular Polish series written by Andrzej Sapkowski who came up with the idea for a writing contest.

The story won and became a huge popular series in Poland.

When a Polish gaming company wanted to create a video game based on the The Witcher it didn’t take a genius to figure out the game was going to be popular world wide.

Except for Ol Andrzej.

CD Projekt Red began with humble beginnings with two programmers dreaming of creating video games. At first they did some basic work like translating North American games for Poland and then expanded into doing some demos for smaller companies.

As soon as they had enough money they both decided to go ahead and roll the dice to create a larger game.

That’s when they approached Andrzej Sapkowski. They wanted to create a Witcher game but of course they needed his permission.

Andrzej thought the game was going to suck and decided to just settle for a measly lump sum instead of the royalties and then the shares of the profit the two game makers offered.

Fast forward to today gaming company is now worth over 2 billion dollars!

And this no doubt is without the success of The Wither series.

So just a few months ago Andrzej Sapkowskiy filed a lawsuit against CD Projekt Red saying the gaming company owes him 16 million for the rights of the Wither Series.

Considering that the old writer sold the rights to the Witcher and signed it away he’s not really going to see a cent from all the Witcher cash.

In fact during a interview with he regretted his decision about taking a lump sum from the company.

2 billion dollars later……who’s the salty one now?

Which brings me to what John Carlton and all the legendary A list writers have been saying….


Clayton Makepeace wrote a campaign for one of his clients….without a fee. The only stipulation to the contract was that he get paid 10% of all gross profits.

After all the work was said and done Clayton ended up making over 1.8 million!

Uncle John Carlton talked about one day being broke and in desperate need of cash. He met with one client who offered to pay him up front. A few days later the client sent only half the money that was agreed upon. John was furious and returned the money saying that was not the agreement and cut ties with the client. A few days later he got to work with his dream client.

It doesn’t matter if you design websites, edit videos, etc.

You have to know your worth and what you can do.

If Andrzej had any sense he would have known that he himself had nothing to lose. His series of books had 2 movies, 3 shows and was popular in Poland.

He could have slapped the Witcher name on a diamond covered turd and it still would have sold.

Know your worth.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,

Demetrio R



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