Reading Between The Lines.

“Well you shouldn’t believe everything I say!” -Rational people acting irrational.

Back in the day before I gulped the “red pill,” of entrepreneurship, I hit the jackpot when I started dating a hot chick from the upper west side of Austin.

For those that don’t know the West Side of Austin is considered the Beverley Hills of Austin. Super swanky homes and the lot.

The girl that I was dating was a sweet girl who loved to venture the other side of the train tracks.

One day she was telling my how she just hated the “bad boys.” She was tired of always being disappointed and heartbroken by them.

I took this as hitting the jack pot. I was the exact opposite of those “bad boys,”

I cared about her feelings and was attentive to her every needs.

Well you can guess where this is going.

One day I was trying to get in touch with her because we had made plans for that afternoon. After calling a dozen times and god knows how many text messages I decided to drop by her job.

I show up and guess who’s there?

Her ex. The bad boy that broke her heart.

But she said she didn’t want to date anymore bad boys?!

What is going on?

To sum it up.

What people say and do are completely different things!

Think on this.

Visit any Facebook group and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

On one hand you’ll find a handful of people itching to pull the trigger to entrepreneurship.

They’ll say things like, “This it! I’m going live next week!” or “This is my year people! Lets make it happen,” yet nothing ever happens with them.

It’s the same with your customers and your market.

They’ll tell you one thing BUT do the exact opposite of what they tell you.

That’s why reading between the lines of what your customer says and does is important!

That’s why it’s important to do your due dilegence and research the hell out of your market.

And believe me that it takes time.

Time to understand and wrap your head around the actions of your market.

And time is a commodity you can’t afford to squander

That’s why I use my “street smarts,” understanding of people to research faster and to understand markets.

But more importantly, understanding your customer better.

How Can You Understand Your Customer Better?

Go talk to them!

Knowing what to listen for makes all the difference in your marketing and in your products so PAY ATTENTION!

One of my favorites is to read reviews on Amazon.

A good review from someone who really needed a product has golden nuggets about the insights of your prospect and their pain! Read between those lines!

Save time and focus on your copy.

Shot me a message to save time for your research.

Till then, Stay Hungry,

Demetrio R.


Need some copy written Finance or Health?

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