Social Media Cringe..How Not To Create Cringey Ads.

Ah good ol Social Media.

Years ago when Myspace was around nobody could have predicted how a simple program that connected people(and strangers) would change the internet and how we interact with each other…..forever.

Now a days people and their great grandma have a Facebook account or at least some app that’s some form of social media.

Business today(including small business) are using it to “Brand,” themselves, gather an audience and to get their marketing message across to the masses.

DO it right and you’ll reach your audience and potential customer with ease. Heck you’ll even save a dime in advertising!!


Do it wrong…and you’ll be dumping cash down the toilet…..getting the wrong type of customer or worse…

Suffer complete social humiliation to where your marketing campaign gets shared, torn to shreds and you’re business getting attacked with all the social justice warriors who likely won’t spend a dime with you.

The Heineken “Light,” Campaign.

I love Heineken beer.

I normally never drank outside my preferred selection until I started seeing, “The Most Interesting Man In The World,” ads by the company.

I added Heineken to my selection after.

All thanks to the “The Most Interesting Man In The World,” campaign.

After Heineken dropped the campaign the company decided to “modernize,” themselves with light beer .

They aired an ad with light beer being passed around dark skinned people until the beer landed with someone with light skin. The title read “Light Is Better.”

Oh boy..

Chance the Rapper saw the ad and thought the ad was racist. He shared his opinion on twitter along the with the ad. Since he had a following of over 7 million, they shared the tweet and it spread like wildfire.

Humiliated the beer company apologized and took the ad down.

Not knowing your audience and not being privy to the nuances of social media can be disastrous.

It pays to know your target customer base and what drives them to buy.

Day to day I’m surprised how this basic information isn’t well known to big companies with endless amounts of capitol.

When it comes to your marketing message….

Don’t Pander, Preach or Think You’re Above EVERYONE!

Your customers are more sophisticated than ever before. In the modern digital age all they gotta do is a simple search with your name and viola….Everything about you is revealed(Well not everything but you get the point).

Remember The Internet never forgets and always remembers.

Know your customer base.

Till then, Stay Hungry,

Demetrio T. Reyes


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