Predictions for the New Year

Since everyone is predicting marketing going into the new year, I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring and give it a go.

Lets get to it!

  1. Abandonment of the Digital Ship.

Now let me clarify what I’m talking about.

Many businesses use the digital world to get people their products…INSTANTLY.

However…there has been a influx of marketers making physical products along with the digital.

The reason for that is obvious.

The answer is at the bottom.

2. The rise of the Influencer.


I know this is cringy as heck but you can’t deny the following of these narcissistic weirdos.

And that brings me to the following warning.

Choose them wisely.

Not all are created equal and that includes their followers.

Make sure their followers are a fit for your market.

3. New Products in the coming Recession.

It’s no mystery that there is a recession on the horizon.

Those that study and are in the lions den of trading KNOW what’s in store.

It’s a market correction and a big one at that.

And with a recessions choke hold on peoples pockets will come the need to create better products and better services.

And….the skills to get them to loosen their tight vice like grips on that cash.

4. More “Intimate,” Connections

There’s a clip with Charlie Chaplin giving a speech and there is a line that resonates with the technology of today.

“The aeroplane and radio have bought us closer together.”

Today cellphones can do anything we want.

Social apps connect us with friends we haven’t seen since childhood.

But we are still missing and yearning for that intimate connection.

Don’t believe me.

People using Facebook is down.

Dating apps usage is down

There will be a need for businesses to be more “intimate,” with their customers so get that pillow talk ready!

Alright that’s it.

Close out the year on a high note and with more sales.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,

Demetrio R.


These are just my predictions and nothing else….

…Except for the market correction. It’s obvious that’s gonna happen.

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