Getting High With The Green Stuff(That’s NOT MONEY)

Marijuana is on the rise.

Stocks, small businesses and even modern medicine is starting to get into it.

But it’s still illegal in at least 17 states and at least 11 states have laws in the books for recreational use.

And of course, like a geriatric running the marathon, the US government still slow…I mean like SLOW to get Mary Jane legalized.

The potential for PROFIT

With federal law still in the books, it still hasn’t stopped 67 companies to get indexed on the stock market.

And it still hasn’t stopped 10 states from making the green flower from being used medically AND recreationally.

A one thousand dollar investment in Tillary(NASDAQ:TLRY) around mid 2019 would be worth over 7k!

That’s a 700% profit in over 4 months!

You can only imagine what other stocks are boiling in the dark.

And here’s the icing on the cake..

Investing in Marijuana stocks is 100% legal and of course with every election….

Voting on legalization is almost always on the ballot!

But There’s still danger!

Tommy Chang from the awesome comedic group Cheech and Chong did a 9 month stint in federal prison NOT for selling marijauan but(get this) selling bongs across state lines!

Bongs of all things…

The federal government is watching small brick and mortar businesses like a starving hawk catching mice.

So be careful out there.

Invest wisely.

Do your due diligence.

Till Then, Stay Hungry

Demetrio Reyes. Direct Response Writer for Health and Financial Markets.

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