Robert Collier’s Secret To Making Sales.

Robert Collier.

The ancient sage of direct mail order.

If you don’t know who Robert Collier is, then my friend let me tell you about this man and how he “created,” the mail order industry.

Robert was a published author and founder of his own publishing company. He was also a motivational speaker who believed that anyone can achieve a life of abundance and happiness.

He worked under the legendary Bruce Barton and Fred Stone where he sharpened his skills as a direct order writer. During his time under Bruce and Fred, Robert came up with new ideas to write sales copy and convinced several companies to test his new ideas.

And of course being under the wing of Bruce Barton, Robert killed it! He bought in over 2 million dollars and over 70k orders of books which during his time was unheard of!

Which brings me to now.

What was his secret that can still be used today?

Robert said in order to make direct response work you have to write about the conversation the prospect is having in their head.

What is he thinking about right now?

What challenges is he facing right now?

What’s causing them to be anxious right NOW?

What’s Going On Today?

Take what’s happening right now with the government.

The government is shut down. That means people are working without pay.

People won’t be able to make their rent, pay their bills and even feed their families.

Think about government essentials to public safety.

Grocery stores, restaurants and any other place that serves food are sweating bullets right now.

Food inspection services are cut and limited. That means food quality is going to be low. Some people are going to get sick and guess who’s gonna get stabbed with the blunt end of that spear.

That’s right, any places that sell food will get hit with lawsuits etc.

So you can imagine that anxiety going on right now with everyone who has some involvement with the government.

Prep, Prep And PREP!

Know your customer!

I can’t stress this enough.

Know everything there is to know about your customer!

Talk to them, go where they go and do what they do.

Observe and listen.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,

Demetrio T Reyes

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