Avoiding Giving Your Customer Some Bad ZZZ’z. How To Make Boring Subjects Exciting And Avoid Killing Your Audience From Boredom.

One of my favorite pop cultural icons from the last century is the economics professor and former Nixon speech writer the one and awesome….

….Ben Stein!

I got introduced to him from one of my favorite movies from the 80’s Farris Buellers Day Off.

If you haven’t seen this awesome movie then what exactly are you doing with your life?

Ok moving on.

Ben Stein’s famous role in the movie was inspired by his real world teaching method.

When he went in to cast for the part of the teacher he was asked to give a real lesson on economics to the casting directors.

Ben took it to heart and went straight into teaching about economic theory.

After the lesson the casting directors and everyone else in the room stood up and gave Ben a standing ovation.

They loved it!


Well the reason was not because Ben gave a fantastic lesson in economics.


The reason was because Ben was so boring!


Ben got the part in the movie and had a iconic role.

And thus Ben ended up having a great career in entertainment doing commercials and having a recurring role in the Wonder Years.

Now here’s the bad news for us entrepreneurial folk in the direct marketing world and in the world of content.

We can’t afford to be BORING!

Boring is the fast lane to being broke and not winning any new(or old) customers or getting new followers.

Take for example the Financial and Health Markets.

Those markets are full of hard to understand jargon and complicated technicals that only trained professionals can understand.

And you have to take that complicated info, break it down and finally piece it back togethor so your customers can understand.

So the best and simple way to break down those complicated subjects….

…Just good old fashion plain speak.

I’ve talked about this in previous posts. Think about how you would explain a complicated subject to….

…Homer Simpson!

Break down everything you know about the subject and put it back together in way that anyone can understand in simple terms.

Then you want to tickle the lizard senses.

or as Uncle John calls them……The ID ticklers.

There’s the physical senses like sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

Then there’s the special senses. The senses that are locked deep down that we have hidden away.

Those special senses are deep desires that we ALL have. Like the desire to be liked by everyone, be rich and of course young and sexy.

Your market has those deep desire’s. Check out some example’s below.

That new health supplement that restores nuero receptors? Position it as the new supplement that restores memory loss!

Breaking new scientific discovery reveals New Supplement that restores memory loss…in one afternoon!

Found a new stock that’s cooking above the 200 day moving average?

“This new stock is set to blow and guarantee 200 percents gains within the next 7 months! “

That info above, all I did was position it for someone who wants to earn money because that’s the main goal for anyone buying information in the financial market.

Any info that is “boring and dull,” you can present it in a way that doesn’t bore your customers or audiences just by tickling those special senses and I’ll talk more about that later.

Listen to your market. Talk to them. Identify those desire’s.

It’s one of the secrets to writing a great campaign.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,


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