A little story about finding your backbone.

Full disclosure. This story belongs to someone else and wishes to remain anonymous.

I woke up to someone knocking at my front door. I quickly put on some pj bottoms and ran to see who the heck is at the door.

I opened the door and to my surprise….Markus.

A young kid still wet behind the ears and with a super smooth peach fuzz growing across his puppy like chin had his bags and a suitcase with him.

“Can I stay here for a little while. Mom and her new boyfriend kicked me out.”

Markus’s mom and I have some history. A long history……actually there isn’t much history. I just been chasing his mom for god knows how long.

When it comes to Markus’s mom, I’m just a weak kneed puppy.

But somehow along the way of me trying to become her knight in shining armor I became a father figure to her son Markus.

I couldn’t help it. I have a soft spot when it comes to boys growing up without fathers.

Also it didn’t surprise me that she would be in another shitty relationship.

I let Markus in and gave him the guest room. I told him he could stay as long as he has a job, a mission and is working towards it.

After he settled in I texted his mom to let her know that Markus was ok and is staying with me…..I left it at that.

Did I mention I work with her?

Well not work with her, just that she works in another area.

I shower, get ready and head to work.

When I get to work I could see her standing outside the building, pacing back and forth like a an angry little knome.

And then she see’s me.

She runs to me like seething like an rabid chihuahua.

“You need to mind your business! I can’t believe you.”

As she’s screaming at me I can feel those emotions boil in me. I can feel my knee’s shake and the toxic drug of supplication shoot up in me like bad heroin. I start to think to myself how I can help her? How can I make this right?

And then something else happens…..

Time stop’s. Everyone stop’s moving.

The universe sends me a message. A message I need to hear.

I start watching the movie A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise. Cruise’s character is a JAG(military lawyer) and he’s up against a well respected and legendary Colonel played by Jack Nicholson.

Nicholson’s character order a hazing to take place which ended up with the death of a young soldier. Cruise character needs to prove that the Colonel ordered the hazing or his career is over.

During the trial Cruise is meek. He’s like jelly. A blubbering mold of of jelly.

The colonel is just smiling because he’s going to get away with what he did.

Cruise has lost….he’s career is over…..then something happens.

Cruise finally gets a backbone. He tosses all respect aside for the legendary colonel and finally does his job. He starts asking tough questions. Instead of poking the bear Cruise stabs it, angering it.

I see a vision of young soldiers being briefed on a mission in a far away land. Far from home. They’re taking notes. Some of them are hungry and waiting for the mission to start and others……I can see their fear.

They might die.

Some of the young soldiers are writing letters to home. Their last letter home.

Another vision pops in my head.

In a 3rd world country torn to shit by warlords, tribes, and other ungodly things I see a father holding his two baby girls close to his chest.

I hear him say…”Is this it. Is this the day they come to kills us.”

Then everything starts to go blurry. I start to hear muffles.

I’m back.

I snap back to reality, back to where I was before, back to this woman yelling at me for her own failures.

I yell at her, “Shut the hell up!”

She stops. She’s shocked.

“Is your self esteem so god damn low that you chose another man, another stranger over your own flesh and blood!” I scream.

“You let a stranger. Another man you hardly know into your home, a home that you paid for, dictate everything! You choose him over your own son!”

Everyone is watching but I don’t care. I’m not the one who should be shamed.

“You know where your son is at. You can see him anytime……only if he wants to see you.”

I walk away.

I’m changed.

The air is sweeter. The sun feels so good and warm. My vision was clear. My body fells stronger than before.

Nervous about posting an ad on FB and getting spammed with trolls?

Heck worried about sending a letter to a direct marketing company and getting rejected?

Compared to the real world problems that require REAL courage….we 1st world gringos got it made.

Think about that when your scared about posting an ad on a social network because your afraid of trolls.

Think about that when your trying to get a client or a prospect and you feeling scared of being rejected.

Those little problems are nothing.

Till then, Stay Hungry,

Demetrio T.

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