Alien Conspiracy Theorist Uses Biblical “Trick” To Be The GREATEST COPYWRITER ALIVE

There’s something to be said when you’re listening to an interview on a podcast and you just stay glued to your seat because your entertained as hell!

Alex Jones was back on the Joe Rogan Podcast and holy hell!

It was the most entertaining podcast EVER.

Seriously! I believe Alex Jones is an American Treasure.

The man is entertaining as heck!

For those that have been living under a rock Alex Jones is an Austin native and Conspiracy Theorist.

Alex has been protecting us and fighting the evil globalists since the early days of AM radio and public access television.

And thanks to the Internet the mans rise to fame shot up faster than Tesla’s Space X rocket.

And the reason for his rise?

Alex can turn water into wine.

Well not really.

Let me explain.

In the Bible Jesus has the uncanny ability to perform miracles.

He walks on water, brings the dead back to life, cure lepracy and heal the blind.

He also has the ability to turn water into wine.

And that Biblical trick is called “transubstantiation.”

It’s the idea of taking something that is basic and dull and turning that thing into something revolutionary.

The Lincoln Mercury MKZ

This vehicle is fugly

Compared to the Lincoln’s lineup of cars the MKZ is ugly and plain….HOWEVER…

Take a look at this commercial

The commercial enhances the benefits of the vehicle and make it seem more realistic and futuristic.

The auto industry has used this method to transmute plain ordinary cars and give them cool benefits that appeal.

What Alex Does..

Now we get to the fun part.

Take the Pig Human Hybrid’s that Alex bought up with Joe.

Every 6 hours there are at least 6 people added to the national organ list for organ transplants-and each day 22 people die waiting for that precious gift called a human organ.

So scientists are experimenting with growing human organs within animal embryos that are compatible with human tissue.

Alex takes this to a whole new level.


And yes, technically these scientists are BUT it’s to find a way to grow human organs and save lives.

The one thing that makes Alex such a great “copywriter” is that he KNOWS us more than we know ourselves.

He knows what gets our emotions riled up and boiling over.

Your Own Product.

It’s frustrating to know when you create a product and someone tells you..

…your product is boring.

…your product is dull.

…your product is a lame duck.

But guess what. You have Jesus on your side….Well metaphorically.

Study the hell out of your market.

Know the emotional hot buttons that get your customers wound up in a titillating buying frenzy.

See how your product can make the lives of your customers easier. And see how your product can solve their problems.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,

Demetrio Reyes


Yes I know Alex Jones isn’t a marker or a copywriter but the man knows how to get attention and KEEP IT.

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