2004 Dodge Ram Teaches Yours Truly A Marketing Lesson.

Like all people I fancy myself a decent mechanic.

Problem with your starter? I can replace it.

A basic oil change? Can get it done in less than 30 minutes!

So later own during the week when my truck stubbornly refused to start; I immediately went in to action!

I started to try and diagnose the problem with all the symptoms ol big red was giving me.

I reversed engineered everything the symptoms were giving me and all I got was bupkis.

So my only solution was to rip the entire engine compartment from top to bottom and replace the starter, clutch bracket, battery and everything else under the sun.

I gather my tools and my wallet(I’m about to drop a few coins) and get ready to fix my truck…..

….and then that’s when I saw it.

The security key that prevents my truck from getting stolen was lose!

Off all things! This simple quarter once key stopped my truck from starting!

And to think I was ready to spend a few hours and a couple hundred dollars that afternoon.

Oh yeah the marketing lesson!

Keep it simple!

Have you built a campaign from A to Z only to have it fail……EPICALLY.

It sucks and it can drain your soul, and your pocket.

So it’s natural that the first thing you want to know is, “Why.”

And the firs thing you want to do is rewrite the campaign and spend another grand.

Take a step back and look at the campaign.

Why did the campaign fail? But more importantly “How” can you fix it.

Change your Frame

Here’s what I mean about “frame.”

Don’t view how the campaign as a failure. View the campaign as a lesson about your audeiice.

Are the buying habits changing? Observe and pay attention to what customers are saying.

Walk their shoes and understand them.

Needs More Salt.

Back when I was in the lions pit of selling an old school sales vet gave me a bit of advice. “Pour some salt on them wounds.”

Every pour some salt on a paper cut?

It stings something fierce.

You need to do the same when you market.

Get your markets insecurities front and center and pour some salt on them wounds.

Let them know the problem and how you can solve it.

The List Ain’t Worth The Squeeze.

Yeah. That old age marketing cliche’ “The money is in the list,” is true as in this age.

What would you rather have. A list of 1,000 quallity buyers or a list of 100k cheap losers who jsut want free stuff.

The Weak Offer.

A while back a copywriter told a story of a successful campaign he did for a client.
After the campaign his customers were happy with the product BUT the client wanted to make a new offer(which was exactly the same)

And guess what happened?

The campaign and the offer was a BUST.

Rework your offer and make sure its something that customers want and need.

Till then, Stay Hungry,


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