How To Waste Damn Good Copy.

There’s no greater sin in the world than wasting damn good copy on a crappy product-Unknown Marketer”

Recently I was doing some research when I stumbled on a thread on Reddit.

It was about Agora’s copywriting course.

And of course a slew of possums came out of the woodwork to give their 2 cents.

“The course sucks.”

“Agora is a scam!”

“Agora fanboys are alt right!”

But a comment stood out to me like a blonde wearing a loud green dress.

The worse the product is, the better the copy has to be in order to convince people to buy it.”

The poster than talked about some other nonsense.

And that folks is why I stay away from copywriting FB groups, forums etc ESPECIALLY if it’s a free group but I digress.

Now where was I….oh yeah!

Every A list copywriter KNOWS copy won’t sell a diamond cover turd.

End of story!

Copychiefs at every direct mailing business know this. Heck they have to know this.

If they hire a copywriter to sell a crappy product they might as well flush money down the toilet because ain’t nothing gonna move that product.

And that brings me to…..

How Do You Know If Your Product is Crappy?

Let me clue you in on a little secret.

A long time ago an old school entreprenuer told me…

“If your program fills a hole in the market or if it solves a deep problem that people lose sleep over, than you have no reason to NOT be a millionaire.”

Does your product solve a problem?

Does your product fill a hole?

If yes than get some damn good copy to sell it…

..if not…get back to the drawing board and start again.


A diamond covered turd is still a turd.

Till then, Stay Hungry,


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