Ah good ole Facebook.

I remember when Facebook hit the market with it’s ad program.

It was all seasoned marketers could talk about.

Just like Google before it, Facebook was where it was at to make thousands of dollars with just a small investment of a few pennies.

Yep. It was all marketers could talk about. You could be lazy on your ads and get decent results.

Then Facebook rained on everyone’s parade and banned ad accounts they deemed shady.

And now a couple reads of 1984 and a few sips of the SJW koolaid Facebook bans fan pages that are “alt-right.”

Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Louis Farrakan and Alex Jones among others were all banned from the platform. (Alex doesn’t sound crazy now does he?)

Of course an argument could be made about hate speech being free speech but that’s not what this post is about.

Let’s continue.

One of those pages was conservative activist Laura Loomer.

She went on to say that she’s lost 90% of her income and her followers.

As a marketer that alone should scare the heck out of you.

In any moments notice Facebook, Google, hosting sites and heck even merchant accounts can one day ban your account without giving you notice.

All just because they sip the SJW koolaid.

And just recently a redpill blogger named Heartsite just had his blog shutdown with out a REAL reason other than the same dog and pony show i.e “violating terms of service.”

And that brings me to Padrino(Godfather) Kennedy and what he’s been preaching in the past.

1 Is The Most Dangerous NUMBER IN THE WORLD

Having one platform of communication is dangerous for any marketer or business to have.

While Alex and Farrakan have multiple channels of communication with their followers, Milo and Laura don’t.

And because of that they will easily be forgotten and maybe go broke.

Dan Kennedy once said its better to have your own form mass media because you are the only one that can control it.

Even with massive platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google, those companies still “regulate,” what type of content that can be seen.

And one thing to note…those companies aren’t kind to Direct Marketers.

How You Can Avoid The New Media “Cleanse.”

Have a email list.

Don’t listen to the gurus that say “Email is dead.”

Email isn’t dead and honestly I don’t see it dying any time soon.

Collect your customers(or audience) emails, send them emails, and content.

Like talk radio, keep at it with your audience and always let them know you’re still here giving them new products and new content.

Be front and center. Always.

Get their attention and keep it.

Till Then, Stay Hungry



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