Marketing Lesson’s in the Instagram’O Sphere

Aw good ole Instagram Influencers.

Of course everyone in the digital marketing space has a opinion of them- yours truly included.

And of course mine isn’t all positive.

I honestly think they are useless fake narcissistic psychopaths looking for validation and I feel sorry for the poor basterds who shack up with these people.

Ain’t I just a ray of sunshine today?

And that brings me to the latest.


Young Arii recently had to close the doors on her virtual shop because she couldn’t sell 36 shirts to her 26 million FOLLOWERS.

You read that right.

She couldn’t sell 36 shirts to her 26 MILLION FOLLOWERS.


This intrigued me.

So of course using my awesome god given skills of research I went to find what the heck went wrong.

Here’s the dig.

Problem #1- Her lack of positioning.

Her Instagram feed and her product line are 2 separate entities.

To put it bluntly…..she doesn’t wear her own clothes.

No where in her feed does she promote her clothes nor does she wear them.

Live and die by your designs.

Positioning is a problem for a lot of E-Com stores as well and she was no different.

And that brings me to…

Problem #2-Lack of Authenticity.

99.9% of all Instagram followers lack any real authenticity(not to mention some are crazy) and this young lady is no different.

None and I mean NONE of her designs are original nor are they made from her.

She went out to different designers and had them design clothes for her.

Sigh. I’ve said it once and I’ll die saying it.


And finally…


Yep. You read that right.

You can buy people to follow you!

And thus lies a BIG problem.

Just like with the quality of a email list, followers are the same.

You can have a following of 26k quality followers that love you and your content…


26 million who don’t care about you and your brand.

Heck right now there are marketers breaking the bank with just a list of over a thousand.

Now I’m by any means NOT giving this young girl crap about her situation. Twitter and Social Media are already pouring salt in her wounds.

Her case is unique and isn’t uncommon especially marketers.

I hope Arii learns from this and comes back strong with better designs.

I honestly want her to be a successful entreprenuer with a great panache for design.

Her situation is a study of marketing and branding for any influencers(and marketers).

Quality over quantity.

Till then, Stay Hungry,


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