The Good, The Bad and The Emotional.

There’s no greater weapon in a copywriters arsenal than the power of emotions.

Lets take a stroll down memory lane.

In high school I was a straight A student and bit of a “nerd.”

I loved math and science.

So naturally I took the laws of Logic and made it my religion.

1 + 1 will and always be 2. F=MA and so on.

See where I’m going with this?

Math and Science were always right. And there was nothing in the world that could brake those laws…….except girls.


It was that one thing, that one variable that turned my days in high school upside down.

I just couldn’t figure high school girls out no matter how hard I tried.

I always approached them with a logical frame of mind.

One day I was able to land a date with the captain of the volleyball team Marissa.

Man I was excited. She was everything that I could ever want in a girl.

She was smart, funny, and loved comics. In my mind we were a match made in heaven.

For our date I had everything planned out.

Dinner and a movie and a stroll through down town Austin.

I told her what I had planned and she seemed excited.

I bought her flowers the night of the date. We went to eat, watched the movie and walked DT Austin.

She gave me a hug at the end of the night and I left excited that I finally had a girlfirned.

Sadly that wasn’t the case.

The next day she pretended that she didn’t know me. Of course I was hurt and angry…


..More importantly I didn’t know what I did wrong.

Whenever I told this story people were like, “Ah she was mean.” “She didn’t deserve you,” etc etc. You know the typical feel good stuff and not to hurt your feelings type stuff.

But looking back I know what happened.

Besides not be confident and possibly a stuttering mess, I didn’t spark that one thing that ignites the fiery passion of desire.


Lets be honest. The date was boring and predictable.

There was nothing to get the fire going.

If I had gotten those emotions boiling to the brim, the date and possibly my night would have gone a different direction.


Emotions are the one thing that gets people going into the direction you want them to go.

In this case you want people to buy from you.

Take the Financial niche for example.

There are 2 main core emotions that copywriters use to write copy.

Fear and Greed.

And yes sometimes there are other smaller emotions that accompany Fear and Greed but that’s for another time.

In the Financial market, Fear is often used when people are afraid to lose their money and want to keep it safe.

And Greed, well that’s simple really.

We all want more.

More money, to be more successful, more customers, etc.

Clayton Makepeace calls this, “stirring the dominate emotions.”

The Wrong Way To Use Emotions.

Hillary Clinton.

Do I need to say more?

To compete with Trump during the elections she tried to persuade and influence the masses to her side.

Rumor has it that she even hired Robert Cialdini to help her with influencing her campaign.

And well she failed.

She went so far as calling Trump supporters Nazi’s, racists and bigots inciting even more emotional outburts from the public.

NOW with anyone who disagree’s with a democrat they automatically get labeled as a nazi, racist, or alt-right.

When you write ad copy, always be genuine and care about your prospects.

People aren’t dumb and will know when you’re not being genuine.

Using Emotions the Right Way.

Ever talk with a psychopath?

You know when something is up when they talk because they misplace their emotions and ,their sub communication is all over the place.


Use proof to back up claims and facts to add more credibility to those claims.


I can stress that enough. You lie you piss people off and destroy your credibility and your business.

And last but not least..


Can’t stress that enough.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,


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