The 8 Billion Dollar Case For Monthly Memberships.


Remember Gillette and it’s ad speaking out against “Toxic Masculinity?”

Remember how it insulted it’s main customer base.

Remember how the ad positioned itself as more moralily superioir because Gillette was “Woke,” and privy to social issues?


That SJW wokeness just cost Gillette 8 billion dollars.

Well not technically but more of a write off of 8 billion dollars. I’m sure Gillette’s investors are not going to like it.

However while researching the Gillette I found out something interesting.

The company says that it’s customer base isn’t shaving anymore and growing beards.

But that’s an outright lie.


…Gillette is one of the biggest corporations around and YET they’re getting their profits slapped around by the little guy.

And by little guys I’m talking about Dollar Shave Club!

But why?

How is a smaller company taking on the giants of the industry?

Both companies sell the same products and cater to the same key demographic.

The answer….

…Dollar Shave Clubs monthly membership!

That’s right.

A simple monthly membership.

On average a man who shaves goes through razors like water in the desert.

So it’s a convenience when he gets a package once a month with razors and shaving butter to make his life EASIER.

And of course my case for having a simple monthly memberships…

…Imagine waking up once a month and checking on you bank account knowing that there will be over a million dollars.

It Ain’t Always About The Numbers.

I remember years ago when memberships were just hitting the marketing scene.

Many marketers where doing their best to add more members.

A thousand members seemed like just mere peanuts compared to those that had over fifty thousand.

Top marketers had a snobish aura about them when it came to having small monthly members.

“You can’t profit or have a successful business with only a thousand members!”


Even with just a thousand members you still can have a profitable business!

Along with the monthly memberships find out what products your members are willing to pay for.

What would make their lives easier and better.

Make those products and sell!

Keep growing and keep learning.

Like Batman, always stay one step ahead of your customers and competition.

Till Then, Stay hungry,


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