Nueromarketing Reveals: How To Squirt Happy Juice Into Your Customers Brains.


Have you ever been on Facebook scrolling through your news feed when all of a sudden……

…..An image just pops out and punches you in the eye socket!

NOW all of a sudden the image has your undivided attention. Without words or sound it starts telling you a story. An inspiring image reveals the answer to that problem that’s kept you up at night. Now for the first time in your life there’s hope. A solution to all your troubles.

This is usually me when those images about three legged illusions show up.

Let me tap into my rusty and dusty knowledge from my paramedic days about the human brain and oversimplify the inner workings of the brain.

All three parts of the brain work together like a beautiful Gothic symphonic orchestra, completely in harmonic sync tittling sweet aria’s between each other.

The monkey brain tackles movement, balance, and posture.

The bird brain is the higher level of thinking. Hey you’re hungry; well lets go get something to eat before we starve to death. Oh snap look there’s a room full of black widow spiders; lets not go in there so that we don’t die a thousand times.

And finally the lizard brain aka the reptilian brain. This is the brain that keeps you breathing and the part of the brain that keeps you alive. It’s also the subconscious part of your brain that protects you.

Think hypnotic suggestion. You can’t hypnotize anyone unless they want to be hypnotize and if they are under hypnosis you can’t make them do things they don’t want to do…i.e punch someone.

That’s pretty much the jist of it.

Now lets get to it…

Remember Coca-Cola and their marketing campaign “New Coke.”

The campaign went full steam and Coca-Cola dumped millions of dollars marketing the new coke formula.


….Long time customers hated the marketing campaign but they hated the new product even more.

In fact long time Coca-Cola consumers took the streets to protest the new product and the new formula.

Seething consumers filled Coca-Cola’s customer hotline with pissed messages demanding the company change the formula back.

Finally the formula was changed back and Coca-Cola got down on bended knee and apologized.

This was years ago when I was a just a wet nosed kid. I even remember my dad and mom being annoyed about the new formula.

One thing that stood out though was that no one could understand…..


Till now.

The campaign was studied to find out why it kicked people into action to demanded the company to restore the old formula.

Years of study finally revelead what many seasoned marketers already knew……


How Images Trigger Emotions

Years ago I helped my dad restore an old patio at the old house he grew up in.

We had to breakdown the old patio replace every last piece of rotten, termite infested wood.

While breaking down the patio I stumbled on some old vintage coke bottles.

I asked my dad about it and he said, “Oh yeah! When your grandpa and great uncle built the patio they would take breaks and drink some coke. Those bottles are probably from those old days.”

An image of my grandpa and his brother popped in my head. I could see them sitting in lawn chairs, wiping the sweat from their brows and knocking back some ice cold coke.

The feelings started to connect and I “anchored,” them with Coca-Cola. This made me want to open up a bottle of coke and share it with my dad.

NLP talk aside……

…..When the Coca-Cola campaign was put under the microscope the important questions were asked.

…What happened? But more importantly, Why did it happen?

Over a hundred years worth of marketing billboards and old school ads showed that people built an emotion with each picture and slogan. (Heh, direct marketing in action folks.)

“Share a coke with a friend.”

“I’ve kissed Elvis.”

All these images told a story to the consumer.

Since the days of marketing and the first bottle of coke rolled off the bottling line Coca-Cola built an emotional connection to its customers.

Building those emotions Coca-Cola created rivers of memories and experiences.

Remember the story about my grandpa and his brother? That memory made me feel good and it made it feel even better when me and dad popped open a bottle of coke.

When we get these emotions fired up our brains open the flood gates to those chemicals that make us feel good.

Coke isn’t just coke. We build memories with our closet friends and loved ones with coke.

And it turn we want more and more of that happy juice.

Think on these when you need images for your marketing.

Don’t skimp on cost of doing some high glass photography. Tell a story and create memories.

Tickle those 3 parts of the brain,

Till then, Stay Hungry,

Demetrio T Reyes

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