Forgotten Age Old Wisdom From The Best Show On Earth: The Office.


Man oh man.

The office has to be one of my all time favorite TV shows. I’m not talking about the UK version, nope, I’m talking about the U.S version; you know with the all time great….Steve Carell

And the prank ware between Jim and Dwight……freaking CLASSIC!

Yeah this show had it all.

It tugged at your heart strings and played sweet melodies with your soul.

The show made you steam at the ears and laugh at Michael’s never ending journey to do good….

….no matter how many times he screwed the pooch.

But here’s the thing about Michael Scott.

…You can’t deny how awesome Michael Scott was. No matter how much attention he was always fishing for, and his uncanny ability to being a third wheel. But it was his love and strength for caring for other people ALWAYS out shined his glittering faults.

And that strength for caring about others is what made him a damn good salesman(More on that later.)

And then there’s his golden nuggets of pure wisdom that seem to come out of nowhere right when you least expect it.

Seriously, you’d never expect to get actionable life advice from someone like Micheal Scott.

And that leads me to…..

“People Never Go Out Of Business.”

During the course of the show Dunder Miflin was dealing with a major crises in the paper business.

The show kept reminding us that the paper business was dying.

Dunder Miflin wasn’t immune to the demands and changes of the online world leaving the company no choice but to adapt(as a business should.)

This put Michael at odds with his company.

He had a traditional way of doing business. He wanted to put faces in an never ending sea of faceless transactions.

And that traditional way of doing business is what defined Michael as a manager and a salesman.

We get to see Michael’s principles first hand during Season 2 in the episode called, “The Client.”

During this episode it was important that they win over this client and get his business because it will save the Scranton Branch of Dunder Mifflin.

And of course Michael’s principles wins the client and saves his branch.

Through the seasons we see Michael use his principles to win over major clients over and over and we see him do it without even breaking a sweat.

“I’m Not A Shark!

In one episode the company sends him and Dwight on a scouting mission to find out more about a smaller paper company in the area.

They want to buy them out and need more info.

Michael goes and finds out that the company is a family run business that is run with a deep sense of commitment to community.

Something that Michael holds close to his heart.

The curtain gets pulled back on Michael’s emotions and reveals that maybe he doesn’t belong in the shark infested corporate world.

His principles of selling…….left behind for the digital world.

Caring for other people and their needs…..forgotten by the sands of time.

However despite all the bad stuff happening with Dunder Mifflin-the buyouts, scandals, and layoffs-it’s Michael’s office, The Scranton Branch, that’s left standing.


People never go out of business.

It’s a universal law that is true ever since man’s very first sale.

People’s needs and desire’s are always the same.

Times change but people don’t.

It never surprises me whenever I talk to business owners who have no clue about the needs of their customers but more importantly….

….what they want and who they are as a customer.

Hence the deep dive into research and the Sherlock reasoning of backwards deduction with customers, “Why.”

In the age of faceless transactions, put a smile on it. Because there’s a real person behind that number.

It’s good for the soul and your wallet.

Till then, Stay Hungry,


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