A Tale of Two Salesman: How A Lovable Goofball Uses An Important Social Rule TO Make A Sale And The Other Guy Just Outright…..Fails Without It.

As if you haven’t notice I’ve been on a Office binge.

I’m taking in the show in before Netflixes axe’s it from it’s lineup because there is no way in hell I’m gonna pay CBS for it’s streaming service.

Back at the rub.

Face to face sales is becoming obsolete….or rather it’s just not that common anymore.

More and more business are doing cold email’s and reaching out through other means of communication.

Not that there’s anything wrong with cold emailing or the other.

But universal laws of human interaction still apply.

And here’s the lowdown..

….People don’t know them at all.

Chance’s are someone has reached out to you and failed at getting your attention or heck even a meeting.

And during this contact, they’ve were annoying the heck out of you.

Michael Scott and Ryan Howard.

Throughout the show you see how good of a salesman(despite being a goofball) Michael Scott is.

Like David vs Goliath, you see him go up against the changing tide of business and come out on top.

And he does this over and over again.

He’s a lot like the late detective Columbo, being grossly underestimated by his adversaries, and only to be the victor. And in this case, Michael Scott making a sale no one thought was possible.

And then you have…..

…..Ryan Howard.

The and young hungry, up and coming ambitious executive who represents the changing times of business.

He’s Dunder Mifflin’s ace, it’s ringer; Ryan’s the future the company see’s and has high hopes for him to lead them into the future.

Yet being the poster boy, and the crowned prince of Dunder Mifflin, you watch how Ryan can’t make a sale to save his life.

The Difference Between The 2 Men.

For all the crazy blunders Michael Scott does you can’t deny the compassion he has for other people.

The first thing he does whenever he meets someone new(like Holly) is he develops a sense of curiosity.

With that sense of curiosity, Michael uses it to guide him to get to know that person.

He asks questions, and he develops rapport.

He often puts business on the back burner.

Heck at one point he was considered Dunder Mifflin’s greatest salesman and voted Salesman of the Year…..twice.

Ryan on the other hand is the complete opposite of Michael.

He’s always in his head, scheming about what to say next.

At one point when him and Dwight go meet a client, the client out right tells Ryan that he doesn’t like him.

And of course Ryan looses the sale and can’t fathom why the client hates him.

It Ain’t About You.

John Carlton said it best, “It ain’t about you kid. It ain’t about you at all.”

Michael has this uncanny ability to make his potential prospects feel comfortable around him, at least to a point.

Ryan goes straight for the sale skipping all the chances to talk to the prospect and finding out about their needs.

And because of his go to tactics, he’s never makes a sale.

It’s usually the same when people try their hand at making sales.

Heck during my raw rookie days of selling I even made those mistakes.

When I worked in telemarketing there was an old archaic model that everyone used, including the top dogs.

Call the customer, qualify, present and sell.

And chances are when salespeople reach out to you, they use the same model to try and get you to buy.

Having said that…..

….Customers don’t buy from people they don’t like.

The Powerful Thanos like Ability Of “Like.” And How You Can Use It TO Make More, Sell More and Connect More!

During my “party years,” I befriended a bouncer who never met a stranger.

The guy mentioned something that stuck with me.

“Getting liked opens a door.”

In simple terms, getting “liked,” makes things a bit more easier.

People will tolerate you a bit more and listen to what you have to say versus if they didn’t “Like,” you.

In Robert Cialdini’s book, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” he mentions that being liked is important when trying to persuade.

There’s just one caveat.

….You have to read the situation and dial it back a notch.

Don’t fish for being liked because it reeks of neediness and desperation.

Just look at Michael.

He has to take it a few steps back because people get annoyed by his antics and his never ending need for more attention.

A great way to combat you’re neediness is to have a great set of social skills.

Having a great set of social skills gives you the ability handle any social situation you’re in.

Run into your prospect that you’ve been trying to reach and got your togue all twisted in knots? Guess what! Good social skills save you from an awkward encounter!

Say hi to random people when you go on walks.

Build rapport and get to know people without trying to want something from them.

It’s good for your soul.

Till then, Stay Hungry,


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