The “C-Word,” That Makes’Em Believe.

Elon Musk was on the Joe Rogan podcast and man what a great hour it was.

They both talked about life, technology and the future and the direction where mankind was heading.

Great talk but the thing that everyone in the media(and investors) seemed to care about was Elon smoking some weed.

“It’s not befitting of a CEO to smoke grass!”

What!? People in the media actually used the word grass and that should tell you all about how far back they are about the world.

But anyhoo that’s not why I’m ringing in your ear today.

Nope my dear readers there is something much deeper and complex behind this post.

Let’s get to it.

Many times when you’re starting out there’s always a lingering chip of self doubt that hangs on.

It always because you might lack a certain….thing.

That one thing that convinces prospects, “Hey you know what the heck you’re doing.” type of thing.

And that thing is…


I knew of a man who was well versed in prostate and treatments for prostate cancer.

He himself having been diagnosed with prostate cancer and making a full recovering using deep researched homeopathic remedies.

Because of this new found knowledge he created FDA approvedĀ  “remedies,” that helped men restore parts of their manhood. Man it was real life changing stuff for men suffering from prostate cancer.

Using this new knowledge he wanted to help other men.

But there was a problem. He wasn’t a doctor, did not hold a degree in medicine, and turned in his books in his second semester of junior college and walked away.

In other words he lacked credibility.

Alex Jones the Texas Rattlesnake Conspiracy Theorist has been saying that our conscience is going to be transferred digitally and already the “elite,” is testing the AI using Goggle Algorithms.

It’s a huge ramble I’m just summarizing here.

Alex goes off on the deep end when it comes to his theories.

And now Elon.

Elon said the same thing when he was on the Joe Rogan Podcast.

Joe asked him about his opinion on AI and where it was going.

To summarize Elon pretty much confirmed what Alex has been saying for a long time.

HOWEVER…..people listened to Elon and believed in every word he said.

Heck Bill Gates confirmed everything Elon had said about A.I.

And Twitter, computer scientists, conspiracy theorists, and yes even Alex Jones himself, lost their collective minds!

And all because Elon gave some speckle of credibility to Alex Jones.

Credibility And The Awesome Power It Gives You.

Credibility adds credence to your words and to your product.

Think Anthony Robbins or someone in your industry that everyone knows.

If that person recommended a book or a resource that can help you…

…You would without a doubt follow that advice without question because you trust that person. You believe them.

And they are credible to you.

Think about the prostate expert and some of his solutions forĀ  men with prostate problems.

He’s solutions and homeopathic remedies help men restore their manhood.(prostate cancer kills testosterone and among other things.) His remedies help men recover from prostate cancer, and achieve a better life.


….He has no credentials, no fancy title, he hasn’t written books on prostate health, nothing, zip, nada. He has nothing that give’s him any credence…..

…..except for testimonials.

You Have To Prove Without A Shadow Of A Doubt That The Product Will Do As PROMISED!

If you suffered or suffering from prostate cancer, would you listen to the guy I mentioned?

You wouldn’t, right?


What if he told you something like..

..”Benjamin’s Homeopathic Remedies Use FDA Approved Supplements That Have Been Scientifically PROVEN(And TESTED In 7 Countries) To Treat Prostate Cancer.”

And now were singing a different tune.

With some sprinkle of TRUE credence, we have credibility.

The Godfather of internet marketing Ken McCarthy said it best when it came to direct response marketing. A quick summation.

People are more than willing to buy. They just need to trust factor to convince them to give you money for your product.”

Keep in mind.

You have to have loads of back data that proves everything your product can do.

Be sure to consider the source. Make sure the information is from a reputable institute or trust worthy source.

Your number 1 priority should be to NOT harm your prospects with a product backed up with crappy information.

It’s not just to build credibility BUT to keep Johnny Law from closing the doors on your business.

It’s simple really. To make your product and your business credible, you need credible material. The more the better.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,


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