The Overestimated Value Of Positive Thinking.

It seems everyone puts a lot of stock in thinking positive.

Heck if you go to any bookstore and check out the self help section you’ll see about 93.6% are books about positive thinking!

Got laid off from you job? Get some positivity into your life and you’ll be back on you feet in no time!

Wife left you for a salesman? Read this Anthony Robbins book on positive thinking and you’ll land a hottie in a week!

Feeling like you’re in a deep funk and can’t break out? Repeat Earl Nightingale’s maxim…”We become what we think about.”.

Now you’re thinking that I’m knocking on Earl and Tony but I’m not.

There’s value in reading the books these men have written.

What I’,m talking about is that one thing that you might neglect.

While being positive and having positive thoughts and feelings is good, it’s not the whole equation that gets stuff done.

And you can’t be negative every waking day of you life. You drag people down, and just become toxic to the point no one wants to deal with you.

Having said that…….

The Missing Factor That Everyone Forgets and Neglects.

Imagine running the day to day operations of your business.

Your in the black, sales are good, employees are happy and then a recession comes out swinging with a right hook.

Sales start to slow down, employee’s start asking for raises and well-business slows down.

You feel stressed as the burdens that come with running a business fall on you.

It’s you that has to save your business.

You’re the one that everyone is depending on.

What are your solutions?

What do you do?

Sitting in the dark having positive thoughts WON’T bring in sales.

Sending out thoughts to the universe in hopes that the universe hears that mumbling echo of hope WON’T do you any good.

All because it’s not enough.

The Law Of Attraction, the power of positive thinking isn’t enough to save your business or save you from any burdens.

The only thing that will help and solve your problems is the only thing that the universe respects.

And that one thing is….


Action is the only solution that will solve your problems.


To get going all it takes is just to take one step.

Till then, Stay Hungry,


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