Energy Levels. How To Keep Yourself From Dragging And Falling Asleep At Your Computer.

It’s no secret that many of us entrepreneurs spend a good amount of time at the computer.

And you’re no different.

One of the biggest questions that’s always asked….

……”How do you stay energetic?”

And the answer is….

…We’ll, I can only tell you what helps me.

Lets get to it.

5 Ways To Stay Healthy And Energetic.

#1. Exercise.

Yeah this isn’t a huge brainer BUT it makes a massive difference in your life.

Conditioning and lifiting weights does wonders for your heart and your body.

When you feel good, you do good. And that includes creating good products and writing good copy.

Exercise at least 45 minutes a day, 3 days a week. There’s alot of free information online that will point you in the right direction on how to get started.

#2. Sleep.

Sleep. Get plenty of it.

If you can’t get at least 8 hrs of sleep, try to schedule, “15 minutes power naps,” through out the day.

According to an article written by Jennifer Soong from WebMD, “You get incredible benefits from 15 to 20 min naps.”

Trust me, those power naps make a BIG difference.

#3 Caffeine.

I’d be lying if I said, “I don’t drink coffee,”

I do.

I drink at least 5 mugs of coffee a day.

I use honey as a sweetener and heavy whipping cream.

If you’re an energy drink type be careful. Too much can harm your heart.

I recommend drinking the sugar free energy drinks to avoid the crash.

#4 Low Carb Meals.

Before I sit down to write I stay away from high carb meals.

Because I’m going to fall asleep at the desk or get groggy.

Grogginess leads to sloppy copy.

#5 A Simple walk.

Take a walk to clear your mind and to shake those energy draining goblins.

A simple walk that gets your heart rate up gets your body to release endorphines.

That feel good chemical does wonders.

If you can’t take a walk then do some pushups, squats and jumping jacks.

Take care of yourself.

Your tribe will thank you.

Till then, stay hungry,


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