Dialing It Back A Notch: How Being “Liked,” Is Not Enough To Land You Sales, Clients, And Friends.

Last week I talked about how Michael Scott uses an important social rule to make sales and always keep his branch the top performer in the company.

Today I’m gonna talk about that darkside of being liked.

The side that no one likes to talk about….

….unless it’s behind your back.

According to “Getting More” by awesome negotiator Stuart Diamond, being liked is 6x more likely to land you more sales, more social opportunities, and overall lead a much better life than someone who ISN’T liked.

Here’s the deal, while getting “liked,” is needed when you’re on a sales call, talking to a customer, interviewing for a job, negotiated, and social interactions


It’s a dangerous thing when that’s all you’re trying to go for.

The Unsexyness of Just Being Liked.

Michael Scott.

Yeah he’s a lovabable goofball that we all laugh at, cheer for


…….We cringe at his never ending pursuit to be liked by everyone.

In one episode Micheal get’s into it with one of his salesman, Stanley Hudson.

During a meeting Stanly unleashes pent up frustration on Michael after Michael tries to get Stanley involved in the meeting.

And throughout the show Michael tries to get Stanley to apologize by trying to get Stanley to like him.

Through out the episode he starts to lose respect from everyone ESPECIALLY even his own right hand man, Dwight.

And even during a confrontation with Stanely Michael tries to get Stanely to like him.

And then he finally gets serious. He asks Stanley WHY he doesn’t like him and Stanley yells…

“You are a person I do not RESPECT. “

Michael acknowledges that Stanley won’t respect him BUT he also lays down the law in the office.

In the end Stanley finally gives Michael his due. He gives him some respect.

Why It’s Dangerous To Just Be Liked.

People aren’t dumb.

They can smell desperation a mile away.

People who are on the top of the food chain in business predators and when they smell blood, best believe they will pounce on their prey.

Think on this.

When you are desperatly trying to be liked during a sale guess what youre more than likely to do.


Just to please the other person you’re going to bend the knee and let the other person come in and take your kingdom.

So What The Heck Do You Do?

Figure out why you have the need to get liked.

Ask yourself, “Why do I need to be liked by everyone?”

In the awesome book, “Never Eat Alone.” by Tahl Raz(awesome name huh)

Raz recommends that if you have, ‘inner demons,” therepy is the best thing you can do.

How right he is.

Inner demons are the goblins that stick to us like parasites.

Shake’em off, break em off….. therapy helps shake lose those goblins and free yourself from burdens of your past and pain.

That being said….

Getting liked doesn’t mean always agreeing with the person or good at small talk.

You move beyond that.

You do that by UNDERSTANDING.

People are drawn to those individuals who are tuned to the needs of other people.

You respect and give attention to those who understands your perspective.

In elementray school you were taught to treat others how you want to be treated.

But in truth, you treat people the way THEY want to be treated.

Leaving all of your OWN emotional baggage at the door.

Get that client, cash that check and start the new year off on the right foot.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,


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