Don’t Get Your Lunch Eaten. The Number 1 Skill You NEED To Survive The World Of Business.


The world of business is cut throat.

Make no mistake about it. You know that dating mantra, “Nice Guys Finish Last.”

In business that mantra is not just a saying, it’s a way of life.

You can’t have paper thin skin and a delicate demeanor.

You have to ruff and tumble with the best of them and believe it-or not-you’ll go against people who are smarter than you and have been in the ruff and tuff trenches of business.

The Number 1 Skill You NEED To Survive.

Just had a friend who called me.

The other day he was excited about meeting with a venture capalist about a new set softwre he just devoleped.

The guy is a damn good skilled programmer.

A brilliant one at that.

If the Matrix ever became real, my money would be that he designed it.

Moving on.

Despite being a brilliant coder he’s lacks a certain skill.

When he gave me a ring he was up in arms about the deal.

I thought he wanted to tell me about the millions he was about to make but instead he wanted to vent.

He made the deal but got the short of the stick.

He admitted to me that he didn’t know what the heck he was doing and let himself get taken to the cleaners.

“The venture wants me to succeed, right?” He though to himself.

Of course it didn’t go according to plan and lost out on a ton of money and some notoreity.

Now let me ask you.

What skill do you think he lacked?


There’s an old story from Ross Perot.

When he was running for president he told an audience about the way Americans feel about negotiation and how the rest of the world see’s Americans.

It went something like this….

“An American was in the middle east trying to buy a camel. The seller showed the American all types of camels. The American saw a golden exquisite camel by the shed and said, “I’ll buy that one!” The seller said, “No. that camel belongs to my son. I can’t sell him to you.” The American said ok and started to leave. The Seller then yelled at the American, “Wait! I thought you wanted to buy my camel!”

Americans don’t like to negotiation.

Or they don’t know how….or both.

Negotiating Is Survival in Business and The Real World.

Learning from his mistakes my friend started taking a course in negotiating.

A a-ha moment he had recently was how negotiate translates into the real world.

I wish I knew this stuff when I was growing up and looking for jobs!”

He’s learning how emotions play massive roles in everyday interactions. He’s also learning how to control his own emotions and not get the short end of the stick when it comes to making deals.

And the power of asking the right questions….ah man he is having a blast.

Negotiating is a skill that is necessary as eating a nutrient rich meal.

To navigate the complex modern world and to get what you want in life, YOU have to learn to negotiate.

Live a great life.

Earn more money.

And navigate the world with ease.

Learn how to negotiate.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,


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