How To Survive The Coming Economic Meltdown.

Holy hell!

The Virus is over a 150 days old now!

And the damage that it’s done hasn’t even begun to show it’s ugly head.

And the damage I’m talking about isn’t about human life.

I’m talking about the economic damage, especial the decimation of small businesses.

Now let’s be honest about something.

When the CCP-Virus hit us we panicked, yours truly included.

I went into panick mode and started buying up supplies.

I bought cases of sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, canned goods, and even stocked up on ammo.

This panic buying lasted a for a few weeks until I took wind of my emotions.

As soon as I did this I realzied, “What the hell am I doing?”

I had cases of sanizter and boxes of disenfectant wipes that I wasn’t going to use at all.

So I gave a good stack of supplies to my brother for his business because he had an idea(I explain in a second).

I kept the ammo.

Even when you’re self aware of your emotions they can easily anaconda choke you and wind you out of common sense.

A good example of this is……

The Coronavirus Stimulus Bill.

By late March the virus was wrecking havoc on the economy and we were starting to see the devastating effects on the public.

People were getting laid off, businesses were closing and rent was due.

Congress had to act and they had to act fast!

What followed was a complete and utter garbage of a stimulus package that didn’t help the public or small businesses at all!

Just a measly one time payment of $1,200 for the public to help ease all of their worries. A pathetic one time payment to pay rent, to pay bills and to buy food for their families.

Folks the world turned upside down, black became white, cats chased dogs, and rats ate broccoli because I agreed with a socialist(Bernie Sanders).

3 months of 2k a month, rent and mortgage deferral would have helped so much more than what the stimulus package offered.

Even with the next stimulus bill that was supposed to help small business-I honestly don’t see it helping, not even in the short term-unless the economy reopens at full throttle.

Till then, small businesses have to survive.

How to Save Your Business.

If there’s one thing that stuck with me during my training at the Austin Paramedic Academy was this little bit of information.

“Adjust, Adapt and Overcome.”

For businesses it’s the same, offline and online.

  1. Add more back end offers.

Depending on your business add more to the pot, of course charge more for that extra spoon of honey.

My brother has a windshield repair business. When this Covid-19 business started he started offering extra services on customers vicheles.

Services like, removing nails, minor repairs and Inspection checkups.

Heck with the sanitizing supplies he even offered a wipedown!

His numbers shot up instantly! And to be honest, the inspection checkups was what got him the most money since inspections stations were closed.

2. Marketing That Reflects and Speaks To The Times.

Texas Govenor Gregg Abott is slowly opening Texas(with restrictions) and a lot of restaurants have been advertising on Facebook how they’re keeping their customers safe.

Right now people want to go out and enjoy life.

They want that sense of normalcy BUT they also want to be safe.

Restaurants and any business that has been marketing and advertising have been doing just that.

And that has given confidence to customers who want that piece of mind.

3. Keep A healthy Stack Of Cash.

I know this might not be possible right now BUT if this pandemic has shown us, cash is KING.

Uncle John Carlton-The Greatest Freelancer Alive-always had this mantra, “Keep a stack of money on hand.”

Business should start keeping a healthy reserve of cash on hand for emergencies.

Prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

We’re in this together.

Till then, Survive.

Demetrio R.


I’m sorry for the lack of updates. Had to pull back and gather my resources to figure out just how this virus was gonna hurt online(and offline) businesses. But I’m back!

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