History Repeats Itself. The Sadness Of What People Are Not Realizing.

It seems like the world is falling apart.

With all the the things that are going on I’m just sitting here wondering when the hell the so called out rage mob is going to wake up.

Emotions are a great thing but they are also blinding. And what you see going right now is exactly that.

People are blinded by their emotions.

I have my opinions but I won’t talk about them because social issues is not what my blog is about.

So instead I’m just going to talk about what I know best.

Economics, Business, and OUR businesses.

The cycle repeats itself.

The looting and damaged to property hurts BUT what bothers me more is that people who are looting(liberals especially) have ZERO CLUE about the lasting economic effects.

It takes YEARS(If our neighborhood are lucky) to recover economically. It takes money and time to repair the damage. And it takes time for people to come back and feel safe.

Another issue no one seems to understand is problems that caused the riots(looting) never gets solved.

Instead like most things, they get pushed back or become the gun powder to fill a keg until it’s time to ignite it.

And that brings me to…..

Detroit Michigan.

Detroit was a shining light, a bright and powerful beacon of industry. It was the standard for a metropolis of manufactoring and devoplment.

At one time Detroit was the #1 hotspot for cast iron stoves, pots and pans.

If you have a cast iron skilled or old cast iron stove, chances are that it was melted, brewed and molded in Detroit Michigan.

When WW2 broke out many of the manufactoring plants were converted to building Tanks, planes, trucks and anything the war machine needed.

By 1942 the all production of cars and trucks stopped.

Because of labor shortages and the desperate need to crank out more product, a call was put out to get more labor into the plants.

An influx of black americans answered the call.

Jobs, high pay and affordable house was the sweet honey that attracted anyone that wanted to work.

But that wasn’t the case.

With high paying jobs racial tensions began to simmer. People in Detroit saw the new population of black people threatening to their lively hood.

They saw a direct threat to their property values, churches and jobs.

Like a pressure cooker at maximun, tensions finally exploded and a riot broke out.

Fist fights broke out on the streets of Detroit.

After 3 days of extreme hand to hand brutality, 25 black men and 9 white men were dead and an total count of 433 people were wounded.

But these riots was just the tipping point.

Between 1945 and 1970 Detroit was fruitful and prosperus.

But even with Detroit’s economic rise it did nothing to fix it’s racial problem ESPECIALLY the problem with it’s white police force.

The summer of 1967. The Powder Keg Finally Explodes.

On the corner of 12th and Clarimont tenions that had been building up finally lit the spark that would be 6 days of absoulute chaos.

The city burned, American clashed with police and the national guard, businesses were destroyed and the descent into economic decimation began.

53 years later…….

….Detroit Michigan NEVER recovered.

Corrupt politicians, piss poor managed funds, you name it….the city decayed.

The city never recovered.

I understand the anger.

I get it.

I know the need for change and I’m all for it HOWEVER, think about the people and the families in our communities before you burn them to the ground.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,


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