Is Your High IQ Lying To You?


Have ya’ll ever met someone who seems they just coast through life with little to no effort?

Everything they do seems so damn easy it just makes you sick because you got to put in that extra effort just to get by.

Here’s the pisser.

I try to explain to people who can’t grasp what it really takes to succeed in business and in life.

The best and brightest entrepreneurs aren’t the smartest people in the world.

Sure there are exceptions.

But when you’re freelancing you’ll meet many who aren’t smart at all.

So what’s their secret to success?

Well it’s not much of a secret.

In fact if you took a step back and looked at the world and how people act you’d guess what it was.

Entrepreneurs Aren’t What They Say They Are.

Now you’re thinking just what the heck am I talking about.

Hear me out.

A few days ago I just happened to catch a live Gary Vee stream.

It wasn’t nothing new that he was talking about.

But something in the comments that stood out to me like a 6 armed monster at a buffet.

A lot of the comments praised Gary’s genius!

Not to dump on the guy(I’m sure Gary is smart) but the whole comment section confirmed a sterotype about entreprenuers that’s long existed.

The idea that you have to be a genuis, Harvard MBA, or already wealthy to become a successful entreprenuer is one of the worlds greatest lie.

In one of the best books that you can read on business, “The Art Of The Deal,” Trump flat out says, “Harvard grads become CEO’s and Wharton(School of Business)grads become entrepreneurs.

Okay that’s awesome Demetrio but what are you getting out?


Many successful business owners aren’t that smart!

At least when it comes book smarts.

Instead-if there ever was a test-a lot of entreprenuers would score off the charts when it comes to street smarts.


Because when it comes to business and doing business it’s all about people, their needs and their desires.

Again going back to the Art of the Deal.

Trump had a burning desire to build the biggest most gorgeous buildings in New York. He wanted to break away from his dad’s way of just building rent control buildings and just getting by.

He wanted to think big!

Trump didn’t have the credibility he has now to get those Babylonian skyscrapers built.

He had to learn to navigate the shark infested bureaucracies of New York City, and learn how to deal with livid property owners during the city’s depression.

He had to learn to…..

….“Read The Room.”

What Does It Mean To Read The Room.

If you’re not smart in the sense of being street smart don’t worry!

That shouldn’t stop you from coasting the world with ease while others wrestle with the waves.

Reading the “room.” basically means, reading people and the situation.

It’s the reason why Trump spends so much time on twitter.

Whenever he tweets something, liberals foam at the mouth while conservatives eat those tweets up.

He gets people fired up just by reading the thoughts and actions of what people are thinking…….or what they might be thinking of the current situation.

With Trump he worked with people he knew he could do business with. He used his credibility to negotiate fair prices and follow through with deals his rivals(like Bob Guccione of Penthouse) couldn’t do.

For sellers struggling to get rid of money sucking properties-that was all they wanted to hear-and Trump delivered on his promises.

Trump’s rivals couldn’t get a clear picture of what the room wanted and what it was doing.

They failed and couldn’t get anything built during those tough economic times.

Hugh Hefner wanted to build a Playboy type casion and hotel but couldn’t get the proper permits and negotiate a fair deal on the property.

Guccione had the same problem. He tried for many years but he always came up short.

Read the room and read your adversiaries.

You’re money is counting on it.

Till then Stay hungry,


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